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10 Amazing Hairstyles with Bangs — and How to Achieve Them

Bangs are a classic cut that always seem to be on-trend, but styling them in different ways can often be tricky. If you are looking for some new ways to wear your bangs, here are ten hairstyles to try.


1. Cleopatra-Inspired

Cleopatra hair style

This Cleopatra-inspired style is quite a dramatic one, and does not suit everybody…

If you are wondering whether this style would work for you, here are a few points to consider:

  • Your jaw line should be soft and not too angular
  • Your face shape should be heart, oval or circular
  • The texture of your hair should be easy to straighten, and not too thick

Convinced that this is the look for you?

Here is what you need to do:

    1. Blow dry your hair downwards, applying some anti-frizz serum so that the result is sleek and smooth
    2. Using hair straighteners, straighten your hair to enhance the sleekness, paying extra attention to your bangs
    3. You may want to finish the look with a spritz of hairspray, to ensure that it stays in place for hours to come


2. A Twisted Chignon

twisted chignon

Chignons are so elegant, and are a style that work fantastically with bangs, as they really help to frame the face here.

This twisted chignon may take a bit of practice to master, but it will soon become your go-to look for special occasions.  

Ready to get started? Follow these 12 steps:

    1. Divide your hair into 3 sections – one behind each ear and then one going down the center of your back
    2. From the back section, take a two inch portion and back-comb this, flipping it over the front of your head
    3. Take another two inch section, just below from where you took the last one, and back-comb this as well
    4. Back-comb the last remaining section and then flip this all down your back again, tying it into a ponytail
    5. Tease the ponytail to add some volume
    6. Take the end of your ponytail and twist it up and around, pinning it with bobby pins as you go along
    7. Take one of the side portions of your hair and divide this into two sections – top and bottom
    8. Back-comb both sections and then let them fall together again
    9. Split the side into 3 equal sections
    10. Take the side closest to your chignon and twist it around towards the back, tucking the ends into the chignon
    11. Repeat with the other side of your hair, and then use a flat iron to straighten your fringe
    12. Finish the look with some hairspray to hold it all in place

TOP TIP: Make sure that your hair has not been washed for at least a day when creating this style.


3. Tousled and Sexy

messy tousled hair

Messy bobs are so on-trend right now, but, even if you have longer hair, the tousled look will still work beautifully for you and your bangs. This is a look that is relaxed and bohemian, but still really sexy.

What makes this style even better is that it is so easy to create, and it will work with just about every face shape.

Want this look?

Follow these steps:

    1. Wash and towel dry your hair, and then add in a texturizing product, as well as a heat protecting product
    2. Twist a large section of your hair and blow dry it, holding on to the ends to keep the twist tight
    3. Repeat this process all the way around your head, doing the same with your bangs but with smaller sections
    4. Once your hair has been fully dried, shake your fingers through it to break it up and soften the waves that you have created
    5. Use a hair gum on the ends of your hair, scrunching these with your fingers to give them some extra attitude. Apply a small amount of this gum onto your bangs as well.
    6. Finish the look with some hairspray to hold it all in place


4. Side-Swept

side-swept bangs

If your hair is medium in texture, and you have a heart or oval face shape, side-swept bangs are definitely a style that you should try.

Here is what you will need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Styling brush
  • Flat iron
  • A product to add texture
  • A heat-protecting product
  • A hairspray

Got all of that? Then here is what you need to do:

  1. Apply your heat-protecting product to damp hair
  2. Blow dry your fringe flat against your head, towards the opposite side of where you will want your bangs to lie in the end. Use a styling brush to help you with this
  3. Once dry, brush your fringe to the other side of your head, where you want it to lie
  4. Use a styling brush to blow dry the rest of your hair, using a flat iron to smooth down longer strands
  5. Apply a product to add some texture to the rest of your hair
  6. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray

This look can work no matter the length of your bangs, or the length of the rest of your hair, and is an easy one to master.


5. Center-Parted

center parted hair

A simple center part may seem easy, but getting your bangs to stay this way throughout the day actually makes this style quite a challenge.

There are several different ways to achieve this look, but one of the most effective is by blow-drying your bangs in place while they are still damp. You must also make sure to resist the temptation to touch them after you are done!

Here are some extra tips to keep in mind:

  • If you have quite fine hair, it may be useful to tease the roots of your bangs first, adding in a bit of hairspray, as this will give your bangs some texture and volume, and will prevent the style from looking too flat. 
  • If you have a round face, try to create more of a wider draped effect with your bangs, and give the rest of your hair some extra volume to balance out your face.


6. Double Buns

double buns

A trend that originated in the 90’s, double buns have been seen on a number of celebrities lately, from Bjork to Gwen Stefani. This is a fun style with so much personality, and is perfect for when you really want to make a statement. 

To create this look:

  1. Tie your hair up into two high ponytails
  2. Tease and back-comb each ponytail to add some volume

TOP TIP: The amount that you tease it will determine how voluminous your buns are at the end. If you want them to be relatively sleek, then do not tease them too much.

  1. Spritz some hairspray into each teased ponytail
  2. Hold the end of one ponytail and twist it gently, wrapping it around an elastic band. Use a couple of bobby pins to secure this in place at the top of your head
  3. Repeat with the other ponytail
  4. Spritz in some finishing spray

OPTIONAL: Add in a couple of accessories, such as a ribbon, or a bow around each bun.


7. Tucked Away

tucked away

As chic as bangs may be, there will always be those days when you just want them kept out of your face, and this hairstyle is perfect for that…

Not only is it practical, but it is also incredibly easy to achieve, as all you need are some bobby pins.

Simply sweep your bangs to one side of your face, give them a twist, and then secure them with a pin. Then, style the rest of your hair so that it falls over the section of your bangs that are pinned, hiding away the bobby pins.

While this style does work with just about any hair length, the length of your bangs is the key factor here, as they need to be long enough so that you can pin every strand away.


8. Side Braid

side braids

Side braids are whimsical and feminine, and work so well with bangs.

There are several different types of side braids that you can create, depending on how your braiding skills are:

  • Dutch braid
  • French braid
  • Fishtail braid
  • Four strand braid

For a simple and classic three strand side braid, here is what you need to do:

  1. Part your hair (see note below)
  2. Spritz your hair with a texturizing spray, as this will help it to grip together in your braid, rather than falling out of it
  3. Pull all of your hair to one side, placing it behind your earlobe. If there are any unruly strands that will not stay in place, twist them behind your neck and secure them with a bobby pin.
  4. Divide your hair into three sections, and then begin braiding them
  5. Rather than braiding until the end, stop when you still have about four inches to go, and use an elastic band to fasten
  6. Use a flat iron to straighten the ends for a sleeker, more polished, look

Deciding between a side part or a middle part? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A side part with a side braid is classic, while a middle part is more unexpected
  • Side parts work better if you have a long face shape, or textured hair with short layers

TOP TIP: If your hair is short or quite thin, make your braids tighter, and then massage it gently once you are finished to add in some extra volume.


9. Mini Pompadour

mini pompadour

A mini pompadour has a touch of glamour to it, and while it may appear to be quite a sophisticated look, it does not take much time at all to create.

TOP TIP: While you can still try to create this look if you have short bangs, your bangs ideally need to be touching your nose for them to be easily twisted into a pompadour.

  1. Separate the rest of your hair from your bangs, tying into a ponytail to keep it out of the way
  2. Wet and then blow dry your bangs so that they are smooth and sleek
  3. Use a fine-toothed comb to tease your bangs (the more you do this, the more voluminous your pompadour will be)
  4. Brush your hair back so that the front smooths out, but be sure to be gentle, otherwise you will deflate all of the volume that you have just created when teasing your bangs
  5. Take your bangs and gently twist them, pushing your hands forward at the same time to heighten the pompadour
  6. Pin the pompadour in place, and then finish with some hairspray

Wondering what to do with the rest of your hair?

You could either:

  • Keep it in a ponytail
  • Twist it up into a chignon
  • Wear it down and loose


10. Slicked Back

slicked back hair

The slicked back, wet look is great for keeping your hair out of your face, and is the perfect one to go for if you are having a bad hair day.

The best part?

This style takes less than 10 minutes to achieve:

  1. Begin with dry hair, combing this away from your face to build some shape
  2. Rather than using gel, apply some leave-in conditioner to your hands and run this through your hair, pulling your hair back away from your face
  3. Simply keep applying more product until you have achieved your desired finish
  4. Comb through, making sure that everything looks well-blended, and tuck the sides behind your ears
  5. Finally, spritz some hairspray over your roots, holding it at a distance so that your hair does not turn hard

Not only is this look stylish and edgy, but it is also fantastic for your hair…

The leave-in conditioner works like a hair mask, so that by the end of the day, your hair will have received a huge boost of hydration, resulting in soft, silky locks when you wash the conditioner out.


There you have it – 10 amazing hairstyles with bangs, complete with tips to achieve them! Which is your favorite look? Don’t forget to share your comments with us!


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