10 Minutes to Curls

Woman curling hair

Many women strive to create a gorgeous curled hairstyle but don’t necessarily want to spend a long time achieving it.  We’re all busy during the morning trying to get out the door to start our days, so having a streamlined hairstyle process is key.  It’s totally possible to create a curled hairstyle in 10 minutes.  All it takes is a few essential tips, techniques and you’re ready to create gorgeous curls without spending an hour doing it.  Anxious to find out what to do to create these curls in such a short amount of time?  We’ve got you covered!

Prep Your Hair
Prior to starting anything heat-related you need to prep your hair with a heat protectant product.  Since you’re looking to create this look in just a few minutes, it’s advised to shower at night letting your hair air dry overnight (or use a blow dryer if you don’t like air drying).  There are a ton of heat protectant options on the market, it’s really a matter of trying different products to discover which is your favorite.  So get some heat protection product on your locks BEFORE you do anything with your curling iron.

Section Your Hair
Once you’ve applied the heat protection product to your hair you’re going to want to section your hair down the middle creating two sections of hair.  This will allow you to be able to tell if you’ve curled all your hair much easier.

Grab Smaller Sections
Once your hair is protected and sectioned into two sections, it’s time to start curling.  Grab 1-2 inch chunks of hair and begin the curling process.  The amount of hair you grab to curl at a time will depend on what type of curl look you’re looking to achieve.  Larger sections will create bigger, looser waves while smaller sections will create tighter smaller curls.  If you’re looking to create a look that’s a bit looser and relaxed rotate the direction you curl your hair throughout each mini section you curl.  Go through curling your hair in these smaller sections until you’ve curled your entire head of hair.

Set Your Hair
Once you’ve curled your entire head of hair, all that’s left to do is to spray a little hairspray to keep it in place throughout the day.  And voila!  You’re all done.

As you can see, curling your hair really doesn’t have to be complicated.  It’s just about knowing a few simple tricks to breaking your hair up allowing you to have a bit more control and getting to curling.  And of course, making sure you’re protecting your hair in the process.  Using these tips, you’re sure to be able to create a curled hairstyle in just 10 minutes.  Naturally, as you first start out applying these tips it may take you a few extra minutes but once you get a handle on it the time will become less and less.

What do you think of these hair curling tips?  Do you have any tricks to curling your hair in a short amount of time?

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