4 Things to Do After TBC

Woman with short hair

Congrats on doing The Big Chop! It’s a bold move, but one you should definitely be excited about. It’s a whole new chapter for you, which means it’s also one you’re going to have to learn to navigate. Ready to get started? Check out four things to do after TBC that can help you with your new hair journey.

Don’t Panic
You went through with TBC, looked in the mirror, and out came an expletive. It’s completely natural to feel a bit of panic, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. After all, you did just chop off all your hair. Take a little time to panic, but now is the time to completely own your new style. It’s fierce and fabulous just like you, and you can absolutely make it work.

Learn What Products to Use
Anyone can tell you to use this product or that product, but your hairstylist – aka an artist with a pair of scissors – is the only one who can tell you what’s best for your specific hair. They are who you should speak to regarding what products are best. However, one definitive tip is that you must keep your hair moisturized, but your stylist can point you in the right direction regarding which product you should be using. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. That’s part of what they’re there to help you with!


Play with Different Hairstyles
Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean there aren’t quite a few hairstyles you can do. Start looking up hair tutorials and get practicing! You’re going to learn some amazing lessons about your hair along the way, and tutorials are a great way to watch step-by-step instructions – any time of the day or night – on how to do specific styles from those who have done TBC before you.

Buy New Accessories
With shorter hair comes an excuse to buy some gorgeous new earrings. You may also want to pick up some headbands, barrettes, clips and a variety of other hair accessories. It’s a great opportunity to buy new items and see how great they look with your new hairstyle. You already took the plunge and did TBC, so don’t hesitate to experiment and be a bit more daring with your new accessories as well.

Keep in mind that if you’re not currently that fond of your new hairstyle, the hair will grow back, so it’s not something that’s permanent. You may even find yourself loving the new look as time goes on. Just remember that it’s a big change and can be a huge shock at first, so it’s something you’re going to have to get used to. At least now you’ll always know how you look with short hair. Whether you love the style or you don’t, it’s up to you what to do with it now, and there’s no reason you can’t rock the look you have and let your confidence shine through.

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