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5 Days To New Skin

Now that we’re into the month of August, summer is beginning to wind down. We know, we hate to be the ones to remind you but it’s just the natural transition of seasons! This is typically the point during the summer where our skin begins to show some havoc the sun and hot weather has caused. Spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s common to experience some damage to our skin’s surface. We’ve been feeling the need to give our skin a little kick start to get that glow back, and we thought you may be on the same page so we’re sharing tips for 5 days to new skin. Will you join us?

Exfoliate, Everything!
When your goal is to give your skin a boost, and feel like you have brand new skin it’s CRUCIAL that you start with exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating is an essential step in any skin care routine, especially when you’re jumpstarting. We suggest starting your 5 day journey with exfoliating your entire body, this means getting in the shower and using a dry brush or exfoliating mit to exfoliate your entire body. Once you’ve exfoliated your entire body, make sure that you spend some time exfoliating your face as well.

Detox Your Skin
Once you’ve exfoliated your skin, it’s time to really get a nice detox to eliminate any underlying bacteria, oil and dirt that may be trapped in your skin. Our favorite way of doing this is by using a detoxifying mask on the skin. Charcoal and mud masks are some of the best types of masks to use for detoxing, this step is going to be a great follow up to the exfoliating because you’ve already gotten rid of the dead skin and dirt on the SURFACE now it’s time to get to the harder to reach areas.

Add an Eye Treatment
The eye area is the most sensitive and thinnest skin on our faces, which is why it requires special care. Since you’re on track to get new skin in 5 days, we suggest adding a super hydrating eye treatment into your routine on day 3. This will help give that area a little extra care after the toll its taken throughout the summertime.

Go Through Your Beauty Products
Day 4 is the perfect time to go through all of your beauty products and toss anything that may be expired or just isn’t serving your skin any more. Now that you’re on track for new skin, using products that suit your skin and skin type is necessary. This also means getting rid of any makeup products that may have been in your collection for too long-they’re not doing your skin any favors and it’s time to start fresh!

Give Yourself a Little R&R
We all live such stressful lives, and as we wrap up summer it’s time to give yourself the opportunity for a little R&R. Set time aside on day 5 to just chill, relaxing and stepping back from stress can give your skin a much needed break.

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