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9 Fun and Flirty Hairstyles for Summer

No one wants to spend hours in front of the mirror when the sun is beckoning. However, running the risk of sporting messy, sweaty locks for two or three months is definitely not an option, either.

Don’t worry! There are plenty cute and easy-to-achieve summer hairstyles that will look great for any occasion, whether that’s chilling by the pool or the beach, dining on a balmy summer evening or dancing the night away in an open-air bar.

Curvy Waterfall Braid

Half up, half down hairstyles are a good summer go-to, as they move the hair away from your face while still allowing you to rock a healthy dose of length.

And this stylish coif combines the practicality of your standard up-do with the lovely effect created by the waterfall braid.

Even though this hairstyle might seem a little daunting to achieve, all you need to do is stick to these simple tips and tricks.

  1. Prep your hair with a serum or leave-in conditioner to ensure shine and make your strands easier to work with.
  2. Begin by taking a portion of the hair on the side where you want your braid to begin.
  3. Divide that section into three parts and begin crossing them into a classic French braid, however, instead of crossing the third section, let it drop to create the illusion of cascading hair.
  4. Continue braiding the hair diagonally until you reach the other side of the head, then switch to the opposite direction and keep on crossing the sections.
  5. When you’re happy with the look, finish off the section by twisting it into a classic braid and securing it with a hair band.

Triple Low Bun

What’s better than one low bun? Thee of ‘em!

That’s right, you can jazz up the classic elegant low do by multiplying it by three and creating an eye-catching hairstyle perfect for any occasion when you want to look classy without having your hair sticking to your neck or your face.

If you want to keep this look prim and proper, make sure to blow dry or straighten your hair beforehand.

Alternatively, messier strands will give you more volume and texture to the buns.

  1. Brush out your hair and do your best to split it into three even parts to avoid messiness and asymmetry.
  2. Take three small hair bands that match your color and tie each of the three sections into a low pony tail.
  3. Next, grab the first section and begin twisting it all the way to the tips. Wrap it around the base and secure it with bobby pins.
  4. Repeat the same process with the remaining two ponytails and bobby pin and stray hair pieces.

When you’re happy with the way your style looks, spritz it with a good amount of medium hold hairspray and the triple bun look is complete.

Wavy with Side Braid 

This romantic hairstyle is ideal for every summer occasion that calls for a dose of charm.

It incorporates soft, voluminous curls and a chic side braid.

  1. Start off with clean and brushed hair. Spritz it with with a hefty amount of heat protectant to shield your strands from styling-induced damage.
  2. Next, split your hair into sections and being curling it using a one-inch barrel curling iron. Alternate the direction of curling between the section to give your tresses a more dynamic appearance.
  3. Create a deep side part and curl the front section on the fuller end of the hair away from the face.
  4. When you’ve curled your entire hair, grab a one-inch section on the side of your part with less hair, then begin twisting it into a French braid away from your face, incorporating more hair into each section as you go.
  5. Once you’re past your ear, switch to a classic braid and twist the section all the way to the tips. Tie it with a small hair band, then use your fingers to stretch out the braid and give it a fuller texture.

Add a decorative ribbon at the end of the braid and give the whole ‘do a spritz of medium hold hairspray.

Romantic Ponytail

When it’s hot and sticky outside, the only thing you want is to get your hair away from your face and neck. Luckily, there are more stylish ways to do that other than tying it into your run-of-the-mill pony.

For example, this lovely ‘do that features small-braided sections and a full, wavy pony is ideal for all those moments when you want to look fresh without investing too much time into your coif.

  1. Start off with fully dry and clean hair. Section off the crown of your hair and secure it with a hair clipper.
  2. Next, grab a small section of the remaining hair and curl it using a one-inch curling iron. Continue curling your hair section by section; do so in alternate directions to ensure fuller texture of your tresses.
  3. When you’re finished, grab the top section, brush it away from the face and start crossing it into a French braid until it’s about halfway down the back of your hair.
  4. Tie this section of the braid using a matching hair band. Next, scoop up the braid and the rest of your hair and tie it into a high ponytail.

Adorn with colorful band or ribbon to add a romantic feel to your ‘do, then spritz the look with a touch of hairspray.

Braided Half Up-do

Half up-dos are a great way to keep the front strands away from your face while simultaneously looking cute and youthful.

This summer, however, instead of going for the regular up-do, why not switch it up with a lovely braid?

Not only will it add a boho vibe to your half up half down look, it’s also super easy to pull off.

You can start with either straight or wavy hair, depending on how sleek or messy you want your ‘do to look.

  1. Section off two one-inch pieces of hair on each side of your face. Cross it initially into a French braid, then continue twisting it into a regular braid all the way down to the roots.
  2. Secure the two braids with a small hair band. Then, use your fingers to “pancake” the braid by gently pulling each section outwards to give it a fuller, flatter appearance.
  3. Pull the two braids in opposite directions on the back of your head, so one is on top of the other.
  4. Tuck them behind the ears and secure any stray hairs using bobby pins.

You can use a small mirror to see how the braids turned out!

Oversized Dutch Braids

Dutch braids, boxer braids, double braids…. Whatever your preferred nomenclature, this hairstyle is definitely having a moment right now.

And not only it’s very on trend, it’s also convenient for all those times when you don’t want your hair to be all up in your business when you’re trying to go about your (summer) day.

This take on the wildly popular double braid combines two braiding styles to give a full, texturized appearance of the hair.

And it’s easy peasy to achieve!

First, you need to brush out your hair and split it into two equal sections.

  1. Grab a section of the hair that’s on top and closest to your face. Further divide that part into three sections and begin creating the braid, this time crossing each section over the other one.
  2. Keep braiding your hair until your about two thirds down. Leave the remaining hair as it is and secure the braided part with a hair band in matching color.
  3. Repeat the same process on the other side.
  4. When you’re left with two half-braids, use your fingers to stretch them out and create a more volumized appearance.
  5. Next, take the loose hair and divide it into two sections. Start twisting it into a fishtail braid all the way to the tips, making sure the transition from Dutch braid is as seamless as possible. Once you’ve braided the whole section, tie it with a small hair band.
  6. Do the same on the other side and – voila – your chic double braid is finished!

Milkmaid Braids with a Low Ponytail

Nothing says “summer boho vibes” quite like the ever-popular milkmaid braids.

And this iteration of the popular bohemian ‘do incorporates a relaxed ponytail to create an even more nonchalant vibe.

  1. Brush your hair and give it a spritz of texturizing spray, blasting it halfway down the strands.
  2. Create a deep side part and begin braiding each side into a Dutch braid, crossing the three section over each other as opposed to under (as you would do the French braid).
  3. Continue braiding until you reach the nape of the neck and have the two sides meet, connecting them with a hair tie.
  4. Pancake your two braids by using your fingers to stretch out each individual section.
  5. Swoop the ponytail to the side. If you want to make the ‘do even flirtier, you can use a curling iron to style the ponytail.

Multi-Banded Ponytail

A lot of the times, summer calls for simple hair solutions. And what better way to scoop the hair away from the face then to tie it into a super-practical ponytail?

However, the standard ponytail might seem a little too dull for summer occasions that call for a little more va va voom. Thankfully, you can easily add more dimension and volume to your pony by simply tying it with multiple bands.

  1. Start off with clean, dry hair and brush it into smooth perfection.
  2. Use a brush to gather all your hair (you can flip it over your head to facilitate the scooping) and tie it high on your head.
  3. Grab another hair band and tie it about 2-3 inches down. Repeat the same process the entire length of the ponytail.
  4. Add a ribbon or a thicker band on the first hair tie closest to the scalp to decorate the pony.
  5. Finally, stretch out each of the tied sections to make your ponytail more playful and bouncy.

Messy Top Bun with a Braid

There’s a reason why messy buns have been en vogue for so long: they’re easy to recreate, they’re effortlessly chic and, above all, super practical.

However, if your regular messy buns feel a little lackluster, you can jazz it up for the sun-filled summer days with this simple technique.

  1. Start off with dry hair and blast it with dry shampoo or texturizing spray to create a fuller, more nonchalant texture.
  2. Take out several strands of hair and let them drop for a more sensual vibe.
  3. Grab a section from the front top part of the hair and start twisting it into a French braid, incorporating more hair into the braid each time you cross the three sections.
  4. Once you’ve finished braiding your hair all the way to the tips, secure it with a hair tie, then grab the entire hair and begin twisting it around itself.
  5. Wrap it around its base, keeping the braid on the outer part so it remains visible. Secure the bun using multiple hair bands and secure it to your scalp with bobby pins.
  6. Use your fingers to mess up your bun and pull out individual strands for a looser, laissez-faire appearance.
  7. Give your bun a good spritz of hairspray and you are good to go!

And with this, we wrap up our list of the quick and easy summer-ready ‘dos. Once you’ve mastered the techniques behind these simple coifs, you can rest assured that every summer event will be accompanied with a gorgeous, heat-proof hairstyle!

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