90s Inspired Fashion is Back

In another fine “nothing new under the sun” illustration, the 90s are back–like an idea whose time has come, the 90s are showing up everywhere these days. There’s probably some relatively predictable math concept involved here, but WHO CARES? The return tweaking brings to 90s fashion some slick detailing service that makes sure we modern day women OWN the ambiance of this particular trend-full empire–maybe because so many of us had sufficient practice growing up, completely enmeshed within it. The 90s are all over today’s street styles, with obvious inspiration behind so much of the modern day terrain. And most eloquently carrying everything-90s are many of the same fashionistas who were playfully rocking the times originally, conveying every bit of now-power they exuded back then.

90s woman

Your 90s Picks, Your Way
This time around, you can better pick and choose your form of 90s style, unlike the first time around, when your mother served as your “fashion buyer” of the decade. And this is the reason why there will always be a few 90s-style manifestations that we’ll never see again, with nobody boo-hooing about it. The 90s signature is making its way into the glam present across the board–in clothing, hairstyles, makeup and accessories. Pick and choose your faves and celebrate how far you’ve come!

Denim, 90s Style
Mom jeans are back with a punch. Remember Drew Barrymore’s trademark high-waisted, slouchy jeans? These are back, showing up on the streets of big cities, worldwide–including Paris and Milan–in addition to the U.S.–to rave reviews. You’ll find baggy jeans, high waists, and a lot more legroom that nears bell-bottom style. These new ones offer improved fits and pocket placement for a must-have look. Overalls–which fashion buffs either love or hate–are back. Long ones, short ones and in whites and colors in addition to conventional denim blues. These utilitarian all-in-one “jeans” are still big on pocket power, and for many, wearing them alleviates you from even needing a purse.

New Notable 90s’ Neckwear
The biggest return here has to do with the once signature neck ornamentation of 90s girls–chokers. Winona Ryder rocked the choker, and still does. Up and off the chest, to the low to midway point of the neck, these neck decorations range widely in form, components, size and intensity. There are some styles dedicated for the most high-faluting of occasions, with styles and materials that support every possible style of dress–for all occasions. Precious metals, leathers, cloth and more come articulated by sophisticated embellishments of jewels and stones, along with metallic artistry, fascinating shapes and a huge chasm existing between the local Claire’s $20 variety on up to–well, practically the sky. Modern chokers are expanding in widths, far beyond the signature neck adornment we loved, as sported by Sabrina the Teenage Witch. On a more casual bent, the good ole bandana is once again trending, with a particular modernization seen in the different sizes–(bigger,) as well as a slew of elongated rectangles that transform these once rather utilitarian forms of hanky-wear into fashionable neck pieces within more of a scarf classification.

hair accessories.

90s Glam
Flowery hair accessories return, with a lot more found within a minimalist category, although you’ll still see the big flowers trending here and there. With these heady accents, a little makeup downplay is good. The thicker brows of the 90s are back. No more thin-lined stuff around here. Sweet seeming nude lip colors are everywhere, and in many hues. Less high-glossy than the 90s, as these opaque lipsticks are rocking mattes and semi-glosses more nowadays. On the opposite end of the scale, deep berry drama is adorning lips with 90s’ influence, with the caveat being to check your teeth after applying, to make sure this luxe color didn’t make its way onto your chompers. Frosted lip wear is here again, and creates a fuller appearance for today’s lips. Metallic eye shadows rocked the 90s, and they’re just as powerful and prominent today. Scary Spice’s shimmery lids went from lashline all the way up to her brows. Today’s eyes have a lot more contour effects going on. While we imagined that we’d never again see blue eyeshadow make headlines, it has–and is–and with some gorgeous hues and soft shades to love.

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