A List For Your Little Black Bag

Women with a black bag

Everyone is always talking about the little black dress for every woman’s wardrobe, but what about the little black bag?  We’re all about women being prepared and must-haves for staying cute and fresh all day, because who doesn’t want that?  Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what the real must-haves are to accomplishing staying cute and fresh all day, without feeling like you just need to bring your entire bathroom vanity with you everywhere you go.  But we promise it’s possible – we even narrowed down some of our must-haves to give you some inspiration.

The Toiletries
Let’s face it, we can’t always be carrying around full on skin care kits with us everywhere but sometimes we need certain little spruces that we get from a restroom pit stop.  We’re big on carrying oil blotting sheets because sometimes all you need is to feel like you’ve freshened up without actually taking your makeup off.  Oil blotting sheets are great because they’re available in small, compact containers so they’re easy to carry with you in your little black bag and also allow you to get rid of the midday shine.  In addition, we’re all in with carrying either mints or the mint strips.  Whichever you prefer here works, but who doesn’t eat something for lunch and feel like they need a little freshening up in the breath department?  Lastly, hand sanitizer is a great one to carry around, since you just never know where you’re going to end up and if there’s proper sanitizing products.  They’re definitely a must have!

Hair Necessities
We don’t know anyone who’s able to carry around their entire hair care tools from home, nor should you need to!  There are definitely a couple must-have hair items that can save you in a pinch when you need to fix your hair on the fly.  Of course, hair ties are a MUST for every woman so definitely need to add those to your little black bag.  In addition, bobby pins are another life saver that can fix a ton of different hair care needs for any hair length.  Now this one is up to you, but we’ve found carrying a small, compact comb can also do wonders for your on-the-go beauty kit.  It’s great if you need to add a little teasing/volume to your hair or just tame those locks a bit.

Beauty essentials
Now, we clearly don’t expect you to carry around a ton of items but there are a couple other beauty essentials we think can really help you when you’re out and about.  Lip balm is an obvious must-have, but we had to mention it because…everyone needs lip balm.  In addition to lip balm, we’re all about keeping your favorite lip gloss/color in your little black bag.  It’s a great little pick me up when you’re out and around for the day, and since it’s your favorite it’s bound to help you feel a little cuter when you need it.

What’s on your list for your little black bag?

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