A Look Back at the Most Impressive Street Styles of 2015

Stylish woman wearing jeans

As the world looks back on the fashion industry’s final 2015 hurrah, it is time to look back at the most inspiring catwalk looks of NYC, London, Milan and Paris in praise and reminiscing the gala style of the year. At the same time, we eagerly await a new, fresh and surely shocking fashion world ahead of us in the year to come. With some styles sure to continue on in somewhat silent membership, there will surely be more wow to come that will blow the minds of the wildest stylers, to the point of resurging their creative juices and reanimating them to levitate the runway-side seating, permanently. We all say, “Bring it ON, Baby,” as we take pause to reflect on the street styles that moved us the most in 2015.

Still Unacceptable at Elite Country Clubs
With a few remaining holdouts, jeans are still yet to become the “universal-wear” they have always tried to become. 2015 gave us the best-ever evidence that street jeans are all over the place, with skinny flared, bell-bottomed, cuffed, ripped, torn, shredded, high-waisted, low-waisted, mid-waisted, multi-pocketed, unpocketed and the timeless overall effect by added bibs and shoulder straps. We enjoyed the multitude of washes in delightfully inspired colors to join the blacks, whites, darks, mediums, lights and grays of conventionality. Uniquely, 2015 showed us how we can take everything from flared to bell-bottomed denim jeans and be impeccably attired when they hit an inch or four above the ankle.

Street style

The Convergence of Worlds Apart Wardrobe Components
Street stylings merged farm with fancy in trend forming style, with all styles of form-fitting and loose-to-A line denim skirts and jeans being paired with tight-fitting lace tops. High rise denim jeans that cascaded into a number of effects found their perfect match with lacy tops that revealed more skin and other details than any mother would willingly approve. From the farm-fresh opacity of thick denim, to the red district stylings of yore, 2015 unveiled a merged quality that hit us where we were moved to go shopping, ASAP.

Pushing the Look
Just imagine the soccer mom chauffeuring the brood while dressed in her $1.3 million casual SECRET CIRCUS jeans–oh, the price is justified, in that the pocket detailing on back features real diamonds. These jeans stand as the top-priced jeans of 2015, somewhat closely followed by the Thrashed Denim line of luxury jeans by Dussault Apparel. This form of street wear begins at 250 K. You ask why? Well, by the time you buy your own pair, they will have been washed 13 times, even before they were sewn together. How much would you be willing to pay for pre-washed comfort?

How Much Would You Pay For Levi’s Jeans?
Apparently Levi Strauss & Co. has been involved in a trading war with auction bidders that has resulted in two pairs of jeans–one from the 1900s and the other from the 1800s–increasing their value. With both jeans being from the 501 series, they first drew $46,000 and $36,000 at auction. And even though Levi’s bought them back, the customer responded by repurchasing them, making these two the most expensive jeans, worldwide.

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