Adjusting Your Haircare To Your Hormones

Women with beautiful hair

If you’re a woman, you’re well aware of the effects hormones have on your skin, body, the list goes on.  One area of your body you may not realize is affected by your hormones is your hair.  Your hair can actually change drastically as a result of hormonal changes.  Chalk it up to another hormonal influx, right?  Although we can’t change the fact that we have hormones, we can adjust our haircare to your hormones.  You know – work WITH it instead of against it kind of thing.  So we’re sharing a few ways you can make some adjustments to help your hair out.

Determine The Change
The first thing you need to do is actually figure out WHAT has changed about your hair due to the hormones.  Commonly, women will experience a texture change or hair loss due to hormones.  Once you’ve established what exactly has changed in your hair you know what you’re working with, so you can actually start to work with it.  Experts suggest if you’ve experienced hair loss or your hair feeling thinner or becoming straighter due to the hormones, you’re going to be much happier and have better hair days when you use lighter weight products.  Adjusting the actual products you’re using, by their weight or consistency will be a life saver here.  The key is really taking note of what changes have occurred in your hair and getting the right products to flatter the change.  It can also be a great time to just switch all your haircare products, down to your shampoo and conditioner to get a fresh start.

Be Gentle On Your Hair
Because your hair is changing because of hormones, it’s going to be even more vulnerable than normal.  Keeping this in mind, you’re going to want to make sure you’re being gentle on your hair.  That means, giving your hair a break from heated styling as much as you can and being extra cautious when your hair is wet.  You don’t need to be completely walking on egg shells, but make sure that you’re aware that your hair is in a more vulnerable state so you’re going to want to be gentle with it so you don’t cause any unnecessary damage.

Adjust Your Diet
Another major factor that can help you with adjusting your haircare is actually enhancing your diet.  Getting in sources of biotin and other necessary vitamins are going to be really helpful in getting your hair follicles the necessary nutrients to function and grow maximally.  In addition, avoiding too many sweets or fast food will be helpful so your body is able to function properly.  Remember we are what we eat!  And what we eat does have an impact on our hair’s health.  Start incorporating more protein, fresh fruits and veggies and whole foods to give your body the nutrients it needs.  This is advised as of special importance when your body is going through any hormonal changes. What adjustments have you made with your haircare for hormonal changes?

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