All About the Taurus Woman

Woman posing like a bull to represent the Taurus sunsign.

Taurus women are one of the best personalities in the zodiac, in Lionesse’s opinion, due to their friendly dispositions, almost constant smiles on their faces, and their ability to take what they want from life and make it their reality. Lionesse would like delve a bit deeper into what makes a Taurus woman who they are, what makes them tick, and detail and highlight some of their key personality traits and beauty secrets for our readers today. If you’re curious to find out just what a Taurus woman is all about, continue reading.

Personality Traits
The Taurus woman is almost constantly in a friendly, happy mood. They don’t anger easily, and they are very generous individuals, always giving of themselves and their time. Aside from that, they are patient people, who don’t like the small stuff get them down. They don’t mind being independent and being on their own; in fact, they generally embrace this quality about themselves. The Taurus woman is always dependable, and you can count on them no matter the day or night. For this reason, they make fantastic friends.

There are, of course, negative traits about the Taurus woman as with any astrological sign. For instance, the Taurus woman can be stubborn and set in their ways, selfish at times despite their usual giving personality, and lazy. It can take a lot to get a Taurus woman to move from her favorite spot on the couch at times. They are oftentimes extremely materialistic, indulging themselves in the finest things in life, no matter how much they cost or how much it might hurt their bank account. They can be very possessive when it comes to love and friends, and that is one of the reasons why you may never find a Taurus woman involved in a serious relationship with anyone.

Best Features
The Taurus woman’s best features are located all over her face. Her skin is usually clear and gorgeous, with prominent cheek bones and glowing skin. The lips are the second best part about a Taurus woman, and therefore, should be cared for as should the skin all over the face. Taurus women are usually very confident about their facial structure, skin, and teeth. They like to keep these areas looking their best.

Best Beauty Looks
When it comes to beauty looks for the Taurus woman, opting for neutral and earthy toned colors such as greens, browns, tans and cream colors. When applying a lip color, opt for natural tones such as nude, pink, or peach to give a bit of color but not take it overboard. Heavy foundations don’t ever look good on a Taurus woman, and therefore, a product such as a mineral powder foundation or very thin liquid foundation would work best. The same goes for any blush application; less is more, and more natural tones work better for the Taurus woman. Nail colors should remain neutral as should the face, and no overt colors should be worn in the fashion palate as well.

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