An Updated Approach To Business Casual

Ahhh the old business casual dress code – talk about a confusing dress code, right?  There’s definitely been a lot of confusion around the business casual dress code for years, especially for women.  The reason it’s so confusing is because business and casual do mean two completely different things.  But there’s become sort of a typical uniform that many women tend to wear in this type of work setting, but you know we’re always eager to look at things in a new way.  We’re sharing an updated approach to business casual to give you a little inspiration to step up your business casual wardrobe.

woman in colorful office attire

Mix In Colors
So often people feel like the only way they can look professional is by wearing navy, black or khaki.  But the thing is, any color can be professional, it’s just all in how you wear it.  Try adapting some of the traditional business type pieces (blazers, dress pants, pencil skirts) in some fun colors that you really love.  For fall burgundy, emerald green and cobalt blue are always gorgeous choices.  Start pairing those colors with other colors, or if you’re not really comfortable adapting that much color pair them with your neutrals.  It’s a great way to add a little more personality to your look and help you feel more updated in your business casual environment.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Personality
So many people feel like the only way to be professional in the workplace with your clothes is by wearing what everyone else is wearing, but that might not feel like ‘you’ at all.  You know what?  That’s perfectly ok!  We’re not all the same person, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing in a way that shows more of your own personality.  Remember, that your boss hired you because of YOU and your clothes are a really great way to further express who you are as a person.  Not only will you feel more like yourself when you dress in a way that’s more individualized to you, but you’ll also feel more confident.  Fitting into a mold always has us feeling a little ‘off’ – don’t be afraid to show your personality in your business casual dress code.

woman in business clothes on laptop

Play With Textures
Similar to colors, so many people tend to stick with the traditional blazer and pants/pencil skirts that you see everywhere.  But one of the really fun, and updated ways to really make your outfit and wardrobe feel more unique and…updated is by incorporating more textures into your business casual wardrobe.  Don’t be afraid to try a leather pencil skirt, or a silk blouse…for example.  These textures can be completely appropriate for the office, but allow you to feel like you’re not stuck in the business casual wear that was 10 years ago.  Again, pair the textures with your other more typical business casual pieces and you’re sure to create a unique look that will help you stand out but also feel like your wardrobe is current.


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