Apply Self Tanner Like a Pro

Self-tanner can be a blessing – or a curse, all depending upon what type of self-tanner you use, and the methods used in application. Believe it or not, there are actually right and wrong ways to apply the products – and today is your lucky day, because Lionesse is here to the rescue! We have put together this helpful idea list to help you apply self-tanner like a professional, and look absolutely stunning after doing so. This will give you the gorgeous glow you’ve been aching for, without exposing your skin to harmful radiation from the sun’s rays. Aside from that, you will also ward off premature aging in the process from both the sun and tanning booths. Read on below to see just how you can have the look of the islands with self-tanner products – done the right way.

Exfoliation is Key
Before beginning your self-tanner application, you will want to first and foremost step into the shower and exfoliate your entire body – except for your neck and face. Those areas can be done afterward in front of your sink with your favorite facial exfoliation method, such as a facial peel, mask, or polish. No matter what, be sure you exfoliate your entire body to remove the dead skin, allow the product to settle into fresh new skin, and have the most flawless tan imaginable.

Woman cleansing her face.

While in the shower, be sure to cleanse your body thoroughly. You will want to wash everything head to toe, and use a good facial cleanser to clean your face, neck and ear area. If you have a dermal brush, this would be the time to use it. After cleansing, rinse thoroughly.

Woman wiping her face with a towel after taking a bath.

Dry Skin Thoroughly
Once you step out of the shower, it’s imperative that you dry your skin thoroughly to avoid a streaky, unbecoming tan. Your product will only stick to dry skin, so keep that in mind. Always remember to pat the skin dry, do not rub the skin to avoid damage.

Woman moisturizing her skin.

Apply a Light Layer of Moisturizer to the Skin
Believe it or not, moisturizing your body with a light layer of unscented body lotion is a great way to get your self-tanner to stick and work effectively. Don’t skimp out on this important step. For your face and neck, apply your favorite facial moisturizer.

Woman moisturizing her legs.

Work from the Feet Up
When you begin using your self-tanning product, be sure to begin working from the feet up. You will want to make sure to do this thoroughly, and don’t let any sort of fabric touch your skin until the product is completely dry – give or take 20 minutes or so. When you reach your face and neck area, there are some special steps you should take, which we will detail below.

Woman applying a moisturizer on her cheeks.

Facial Care
When working on your face with self-tanner, be sure to focus on the areas that would generally be more sun-kissed, such as your cheek and nose area, and also your forehead. This will give you the most flawless tan imaginable.

Woman washing her hands.

Wash Your Hands
Last but not least, you will want to make sure to wash your hands well after application. There is nothing worse than having super tanned hands – that’s a dead giveaway that you’ve used product rather than the sun.

As a few added tips, be sure to go easy on already darker areas of the body during application, such as knees, elbows, and your feet. Rather, apply this product lightly on these areas to avoid darkened skin that looks unattractive.

As another tip, be sure to use a good quality, low odor self-tanner when you choose your product.

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