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Avoid These Common Summer Infections

Developing a sunburn or rash this time or year isn’t out of the norm. Hopefully you’ve gotten into the routine of applying sunscreen to your skin daily and reapplying as needed. In addition to sunburns and rashes this time of year, there are common summer infections that can creep up and put a damper on your summertime fun. You know we try to keep you as informed as prepared as possible, so we’re sharing some tips on how you can avoid these common summer infections this season.

Fungal Infections
Since sweat and moisture are at an all time high this time of year, one of the side effects that can result are fungal infections. The areas that tend to be the most susceptible to fungal infections this time of year are the areas of your body that hold the most moisture and sweat. Think about the areas of your body that tend to ‘fold’ or bed, holding more moisture than the rest of your body. Generally these areas are going to be armpits, inner elbows, behind the knees and even between your toes. Treating these types of fungal infections is generally pretty easy, you likely only need an anti-fungal treatment product to get rid of the infection. But to avoid this common summer infection you want to spend some time really making an effort to keep those areas of your body as dry as possible. Anytime you notice excessive moisture developing in areas of your skin, pat them dry to keep the moisture from developing the fungal infection.

Another common summer infection is folliculitis. This particular type of infection generally appears in areas where you may remove hair from your body, although they can also develop on your chest and/or back at times. This type of infection is essentially established when bacteria enters the area of the skin around/near the shaft of hair. Since this is a type of infection that happens around where you have hair that you remove, it can often be the result of a shaving/hair removal mishap. One of the best ways to avoid this particular infection in your skin is to use more caution when it comes to removing your hair from certain areas of your body. Always using a sharp, fresh razor and prepping your skin in an effective manner are just a few things to consider. Additionally, keeping your skin’s surface as clean and free of sweat/dirt as possible is necessary.

Bacterial Infections
We mentioned fungal infections that can result from the added moisture we tend to develop this time of year, but bacterial infections tend to be quite common this time of year as well. For ladies, developing bacterial infections in the bikini area and even vaginally can be quite common. Similar to the fungal infections it’s often due to the added moisture in the air and in our bodies. It can even be the result of using a dull razor that causes damage to the skin. Keeping this area dry and taking extra caution when removing any unwanted hair is going to be crucial in avoiding this.

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