Beat the Heat Beauty Tips

Summertime is a season many people look forward to coming every year, but let’s face it – there are a lot of annoyances that come with the humidity and heat as well. Things such as oily skin creeping up on you out of nowhere, chafed skin, and other uncomfortable issues. Lionesse has some hacks to help you prep your skin and get ready for the humidity and warmth that’s on its way in for the next three months or so.

Woman applying primer on her face.

Mattifying Primer
This type of primer is sure to make your day in the hot summer months. Humidity has an evil way about bringing out the oil and shine through your makeup, rather than keeping it matte as it should be. By using a mattifying primer before makeup application, not only will you help your skin to stay matte all day and keep oil at bay – but you will also give your skin a better makeup application as it will glide on smoother, providing better coverage that lasts throughout the day.

Closeup of BB Cream.

BB Cream
BB Cream is a great alternative to opting for a plain foundation and other products. Being that a BB Cream is sort of an all-in-one product, it allows you to skip all of the other steps while focusing on applying a thin layer of this moisturizing based makeup. It will stay put longer than would any type of foundation, give your skin a soft hydration all day, and help you to look your best all day long. This one is a no-brainer! Pair this with a cream blush to allow your skin to have some gorgeous color, while ensuring your products don’t melt off or look cakey by day’s end.

Baby powder

Baby Powder for Chafing
If you’re one of the girls who has to deal with the terrible chafing that occurs mid thigh during the hot summer months, this tip is sure to become your holy grail in skin care and comfort. Apply a generous amount of baby powder to your thigh area and rub it in until you can’t see it anymore. At that point, you’re protected. Wear any pair of shorts or sundress you’d like to and feel comfortable and rash free all day long. As an added tip: baby powder also works well between your breasts if you are a larger breasted woman, to prevent rashes and chafing and even sweating throughout the day.

Lip Stains and Lip Oils Over Lipstick
Lip stains and lip oils are a great alternative to using lipstick in the summer. Lip stains literally stain the lips, providing sheer color all day long that won’t come off or melt in the sun as would a regular lipstick. Lip oils, while they will need to be reapplied often, are another great alternative for lipstick as they are of a thinner texture, and will provide color the same way a lipstick would.

Woman applying bronzer.

Use Bronzer
We all know the harmful effects the sun’s rays can have on our skin – and that’s why getting a tan glow through the use of a bronzer is such a fantastic idea. Women with fair or pale skin benefit greatly by use of a bronzer to give them a pop of color, while those with darker complexions can get away with a cream blush alone. You can build on your bronzer to achieve the look you desire, making some areas that would naturally appear darker, such as the apples of your cheeks, nose, and forehead, darker.

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