Beauty Must-Haves for Your Locker

Women checking out makeup

It’s officially back-to-school time…can you believe it?  Although it always seems like summer flies by, it is time to start thinking about school again.  Just like anywhere else in life, it’s important to be prepared – especially as a teen growing up.  It got us thinking about what some of the beauty must-haves for your locker should be, and we came up with some great ideas to help you (or your teen) so you’re fully prepared in the beauty realm before the school year officially starts.

Hair Must-Haves
When we were growing up, dry shampoo wasn’t a thing yet.  But now that it is, we can’t imagine having a locker and NOT keeping some dry shampoo in there at all times.  It’s a perfect beauty product for those days when you’re running late to school and maybe didn’t have enough time to wash your hair, or if you just need a little refresh after gym class.  Regardless, we think it’s the ultimate hair must-have for every girl’s locker this year.  Of course, followed up with a little stash of hair ties and bobby pins for any hair mishaps or when you just feel like pulling your hair back.

Makeup Must-Haves
Depending on how much makeup you (or your teen) are wearing, kind of depends on the makeup items you’ll need however we do have a few that we think every girl needs.  The first being a really great lip balm, because there’s nothing worse than being stuck at school all day with dry lips and nothing to help soothe them.  If you’re into a little more makeup, adding your favorite lip gloss into the mix can also be a great addition so you always have a backup on hand.

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Skincare Must-Haves
Of course we can’t have a beauty must-haves list without the mention of some skin care elements.  Naturally, you’re definitely going to want a little bottle of moisturizer.  The temperatures and climate changes that happen throughout the school year can definitely leave you feeling dry and you’re going to want some moisturizing ASAP.  Because who wants to wait until they’re home before they can get some moisturizing in?  Followed up by a face wipe, these are great especially for those that are in gym class.  Say goodbye to feeling gross after running around during gym, and feel instantly refreshed with one of the many face wipes that are available to give your face a wash with one easy wipe.

Mirror Must-Haves
Of course the final must-have that’s in a category all its own is a mirror, because no girl should be without a mirror in their locker!  It’s a necessity to say the least.  It’ll come in handy after lunch to check your teeth, and just to see if you have anything you need to touch up or fix throughout the day.  This list of must-haves is sure to get you off on the right track this school year, of course throughout the year you’ll probably end up adding items here and there that you find you need.

What’s your #1 beauty must-have for your locker?

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