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Beauty Tips for Date Night

Date night, there’s nothing quite like it – right?  Whether it’s a first date, or a date night out with your beau there’s always something special about it.  With Valentine’s day coming up, we’re definitely in the date night mode. Of course, we’re always up for a fun date night out Valentine’s Day is always that extra special night out. Feeling your best is a must on a date night, so we thought we would share our must-know beauty tips for date night.  Here’s to helping you look and feel your best on your next date night out!

Moisturize Efficiently
Since we’re all a little more dry this time of year than during the other months of the year you’re probably feeling like your skin is suffering from that.  The key to having that glow for your date night?  Make sure you moisturize efficiently!  Moisturizing your skin is important regardless of the occasion, but we know you want to feel like your skin is soft and glowing.  The best time to get your moisturizing in is when you’re just out of the shower – get all of your skin moisturized with a really great quality moisturizing product to lock in that moisture.  Make sure the moisturizer is best suited to your skin’s type and texture.

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Similar to moisturizing, if you want to be glowing and feeling great about your skin for your date night you want to make sure you use a great exfoliating product.  Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells, so your moisturizing efforts will actually work, and your skin will be much softer and glowing.  This doesn’t mean to just exfoliate your face – get ALL your skin in on the action.  Dry brushes are great for getting those harder to reach areas on your body.  Of course, since it is a date night don’t forget to exfoliate your lips!

Don’t Use New Products
Since you’re eager to look and feel your best on your date night, this isn’t the best time to try new products in the beauty routine.  You never really know how your skin might react to different products so skip trying something new just in case your skin doesn’t react in the way you want it to.

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Prime and Set Your Makeup
When you’re heading out for a date night, you obviously want your makeup to last you the whole night without having to worry about touching up if you don’t have to.  To really help your makeup last and stay looking flawless, make sure that you use priming products to give your skin that great solid base.  And for good measure, use a setting spray to help hold your makeup in place.  They may seem like steps that aren’t totally necessary but they’ll definitely help keep your makeup in place all night long.

Avoid Super New Looks
As tempting as it is to try out a new and complex makeup or hair look, when you’re on a date you want to enjoy it and not be completely stressing getting yourself ready.  Instead, opt for one of your go-to looks so you don’t have to worry about the look not turning out just right.

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