Beginning of School Traditions

Heading back to school is a big deal. It’s the start of a new year, which brings new challenges, new friends, and new milestones. Every year marks a special time in a child’s life. The start of the school year is a perfect time to honor that. Back-to-school traditions can help you do something special to mark this time, as well as to create lovely memories for your children. Here are a few back-to-school traditions you might want to try with your family:

Friends having a get-together.

Have a Back-to-School Party
Usher in the new school year in style with a back-to-school party. Think of it just like a New Year’s Eve party celebrating the start of the New Year. Hold it the night before school starts, and let the kids just have fun. Invite some friends if you like, or just keep it to you and your family. You can make the party whatever you like! A few trendy suggestions include the hottest fads such as indoor trampoline parks, go-cart racing zones, nail salon spa parties or mini back yard concerts with cover bands featuring your favorite music.

If you don’t want to do a whole party, you can just host a special dinner or even go out to a nice restaurant.

Pictures and Book
Many people take a photo of their children on the first day of school — usually holding a sign that says what grade they are going into and maybe a few things about themselves at that age. You can expand on this with a scrapbook page or book that goes into more detail. Include details like your child’s teacher’s name, height, shoe size, favorite color, favorite TV shows, favorite activities, and so on. Make it as detailed as you like.

Young girl having a special breakfast

Special Breakfast
For the rest of the school year, you’ll likely be putting a granola bar in your kids’ hands as you rush them out the door. For the first day, why not make them a special breakfast to make the day feel momentous? Try making pancakes shaped into the number of the year they are starting, or use cookie cutters to create other shapes, like text books or apples. Try to incorporate a specific tradition like a numbered candle of the grade your child is in to remember the time by.

As kids get older, the traditions tend to get more expensive, so just start saving now! It is a special time and a day that is full of excitement and fun! You’ll never get that first day of school back, no matter what year it is. Make every first day special with one of these traditions or another of your choosing.

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