Being Camera Ready 24-7

women taking a selfie
Since social media has taken the world by storm, it seems like there’s even more pressure to look your best on a daily basis.  You never know when someone is going to whip out their phone to snap a picture and post it on social media sites for hundreds (if not thousands) of people to see.  Basically, a lot of us feel like we have to look camera ready more often than ever before.  While we totally get wanting to look your best, we also want you to look and feel like you and honestly, who has time to do a full hair and makeup session every single day?  We’re not the Kardashians walking around with a glam squad!  We have a few tips to being camera ready 24-7 that are totally doable for ANY woman to incorporate.

Prime your face
Primer is one of the more underrated makeup products, but seriously does wonders.  If you apply your makeup early in the morning and plan on heading out after work for drinks (or something around that) you’re going to NEED to start applying a primer.  Primers are great because they help hold makeup to your face, which means you can go all day long wearing your makeup and won’t get to the mirror and feel like you have no makeup left.

Concealer is a girl’s best friend
Ok, so are diamonds, but hang with us on this one.  We all have times or days when we have a breakout pop up at the worst place, or maybe didn’t get enough sleep one night.  Luckily, concealer is a lifesaver for both of these skin concerns.  If you have a breakout or a little redness that appears on your skin, concealer can save the day with a quick little application.  Even more amazingly, concealer does wonders for brightening up the under eye area and helping you look more awake (even if you’ve barely gotten any sleep).  Simply applying a light amount of concealer under your eyes in an upside down triangle shape and blending it out will instantly make you look awake and vibrant.

Give yourself a little contour
One of the biggest tricks, celebrity makeup artists use to make celebs look camera ready is creating a little more definition in their face.  Most of us don’t have incredibly defined cheekbones, or a ton of facial definition – and that’s totally fine!  A great way to add a little definition to your face and create that gorgeous camera ready look celebs always seem to have is applying bronzer and/or blush to the cheekbone area.  Bronzer is one of our favorite products to contour with because you can use it in a natural way, applying it to create a “3” shape on the side of your face will add definition subtly.  Just make sure you blend!  You can certainly add a little blush with your bronzer, or add a little highlight to really emphasize your contour definition.

Do you have tips for being camera ready 24-7 that you find work wonders?

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