Best Jewelry Choices for Gemini’s

Gemini women’s hands are ruled by their sign, and therefore, it’s understandable that they would want to adorn their Phalanges with beautiful rings to draw attention, and layer their wrists with lots of bracelets and flair. What types of jewelry are best for the Gemini woman, though? Many Gemini women seem to have the general gist of it, but in case they are completely lost in their fashion sense, Lionesse is here to provide some insight as to the best jewelry choices for Geminis with this helpful guide.

Woman wearing rings on all fingers.

Rings are a major part of any Gemini woman’s jewelry box – and with good reason. Since a Gemini’s hands are literally ruled by the sign, not only do they usually have gorgeous hands, wrists, and even forearms, they usually love to dress them up and show them off as often as possible. What better way to do that with the fingers than by adorning them with rings? When it comes to rings for the Gemini, the bigger, the better. You will usually see a Gemini sporting what some of us might consider to be a gaudy ring, but to them, it’s a staple fashion statement. Any type of ring will work – but they love to stack their rings, and like to opt for those that they think are stackable. Also, a lot of Gemini’s will wear a ring on nearly every finger.

Woman wearing fashional bracelets and bangles.

Bangles and Bracelets – Lots and Lots of them
A Gemini’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without layering on lots and lots of bangles or bracelets. They typically don’t care what type of bracelets they are, but as a general rule of thumb, they like to wear more than a few at once. Sometimes, they will wear a bunch on one wrist or spread them evenly over both wrists. Any type of bracelet that is big, such as a cuff, also works well for the Gemini woman.

Woman with a stylish, expensive wristwatch.

Signature Pieces
No Gemini’s wardrobe would be complete without adding a few signature pieces that she can use to dress a great pair of jeans up, or accessorize a pretty cocktail dress with, to her arsenal. These signature pieces are typically on the expensive side, as Gemini women don’t mind splurging on their accessories. They will usually wear these same pieces far more than once, and use them quite frequently at that. They would rather have expensive pieces to wear often than costume jewelry. All in all, signature pieces will always be a great buy for the Gemini. Again, to reiterate – rings and bracelets are staple signature pieces, as are watches. Anything having to do with the hands or wrist are a must have.

Though there are other types of jewelry pieces a Gemini will typically own, such as necklace and earrings, you can place a safe bet on the top three aforementioned items being adored and admired more than any other. If you are in the marker for a birthday present for a Gemini, those are a great place to start.

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