Biggest Beauty Trends of the 70’s

The 1970’s played an integral role in the development of beauty trends today. During the 70’s, many new and innovative trends began, and it was unlike anything ever seen before it’s time. Lionesse Beauty Bar dives into the wonderful world of 1970’s beauty, the biggest trends for that time frame, and how you can get the style today.

Woman with natural makeup in a beautiful background.

Au Naturel Makeup Look
The natural look was something many women indulged in – and during this time, not too many women wore makeup at all. You can get the look by applying a good moisturizer to give your skin a dewy glow, opting for a light illuminating foundation, and applying a translucent highlighting powder. Finish off your look by opting for a tinted lip balm in a natural color, like pink or peach.

Woman wearing dark eyeshadows in a natural background.

Heavy Eyeshadow
On the other end of the spectrum, there were women who loved to apply makeup – and when they did it, they did it up. Heavy eyeshadow colors were super popular in the 70’s – and the fashionable colors they would opt for were blue hues, purple hues, black shadows, and browns. You can achieve this look today by opting for a good quality pigment shadow, such as a mineral shadow which adds some shimmer and is made with natural ingredients, and apply it a bit on the heavy side. Be sure to spray your lids with a finishing spray to set it to last for the day, and also add some extra shine.

Woman with middle parting hair working on a laptop.

Middle Parted Hair
Middle parts were ever popular in the 70’s, and it’s a clean, simple look you can attain yourself with a simple comb after the shower or when styling your hair. Many women today already wear middle parts on a daily basis. Simply part the hair down the middle, and you’re good to go.

Feathered Hair
Made popular by the lovely Farrah Fawcett, feathered hair was all the rage back in the 70’s – even guys were doing it. You can get this look using a flat iron and flipping the ends of the hair outwards and curling them in a backward motion, tousling the hair between your fingers and spraying with hairspray as you go. You can also get the look by using a blow dryer and round brush, using the same type of motion as you would with the flat iron, and this may even be the best, most natural option.

Woman sporting a bohemian look and wearing a boho head band.

Boho Head Scarves
Bohemian head scarves were popular amongst the hippie generation of the 70’s, and due to the popularity they gained at music festivals in the United States, they’ve stayed a staple in the fashion and hair world ever since. You can get the look by wrapping a boho inspired brightly colored scarf around your head and tying it in the back, or on the side – whatever you prefer.

Woman's hands with French manicure behind a nail polish bottle.

French Manicures
French manicures were exceptionally popular in the 70’s due to their newness, and when women saw the Hollywood starlets getting their nails done this way, they wanted to achieve the same style for themselves. Now, its simpler than ever to get the look at home with simple French manicure kits and DIY tutorials, or you can head to your local nail salon to have a professional complete the look.