Body Love Talk

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Low self-esteem and body love is a common struggle many people face.  In the world we live in, it is more common to hear people talking about what they don’t like about their body’s instead of what they do like.  The fashion and beauty industries have gotten a lot of criticism over the years for portraying unrealistic pictures of women, which many people feel has caused some of the lack of body love throughout the world.  While there may be a lot of unrealistic standards, it’s important for us all to start learning to accept our bodies as they are.  Using positive self-affirmations has been found to be an incredibly powerful way to help people increase their body love.

If the idea of using self-affirmations is new to you, let’s break down what they are first.  The thing is, every thought we think is an affirmation some are positive most are negative (when it comes to what think of our bodies).  Think of it as your inner voice, the things you think and say to yourself – these are all affirmations.  The things we think about ourselves become our version of the truth, unfortunately, these ‘truths’ tend to get skewed over time and often aren’t really truths.  We build up and develop these truths over the course of our lives, so often by the time we’re adults, we develop quite a few negative affirmations, or beliefs, about ourselves and our bodies.  Many body image experts have found the technique of switching these affirmations into positive ones to be incredibly powerful when helping people boost their confidence and learn to accept their own bodies.

Affirmations, especially positive ones, don’t have to be long statements or thoughts.  They’re often short, specific statements that are targeted towards whatever subconscious negative beliefs you’re working to fight.  Essentially, positive self-affirmations are used to replace the negative self-talk with positive self-talk.

A few examples of positive affirmations:

  • I love my body.
  • It is ok for me to feel confident in my own skin.
  • My body has provided me with incredible skills.

The key to positive affirmations, especially when working on body love talk is to create affirmations that speak to you and your current negative self-talk.  Switch the wording around to make it a positive.  The reason positive self-affirmations work is because when you push yourself to think positively about your body your subconscious mind is forced to take note of the new positive beliefs you’re stating and thinking.  The goal when creating these affirmations is to create affirmations that bring you joy and positive feelings, if you feel resistance when stating your affirmations it may be worth rewording them to find something that does resonate with you.   Over time, your positive self-affirmations will start to break down those negative self-beliefs and be replaced with positive ones.

Utilizing positive self-affirmations is incredibly powerful and can be used for everything from body love talk to health to wealth and everything in between.  It’s a great tool to use when you find yourself trapped in a negative state-of-mind surrounding a certain area.

Will you give this method a try?

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