Brazilian Beauty Secrets

There’s something about Brazilian women that the rest of the world finds so fascinating.  Maybe it’s because they’re considered to be the most attractive women in the world?  Probably!  Regardless, it leaves a lot of us wondering HOW they’re just so stinking beautiful – what are their secrets?!  Well, lucky for us we’ve discovered some of their beauty secrets and we’re naturally sharing them with you!  Because we ALL want to feel like the most beautiful women in the world!

Woman eating carrots

You may be surprised one of their beauty secrets includes DRINKING something (you thought it was going to be lotions, didn’t you?!).  It’s said that Brazilian women drink carrot juice in order to help promote that gorgeous glowing skin.  In fact, carrots have been found to help promote a skin sun tan and getting an extra gorgeous glow in your skin.  It’s suggested to drink carrot juice around 2 weeks before you plan on sitting out in the sun to get a little glow on.

Beetroot juice

Acai Berries and Beetroot Juice
More beauty secrets that include eating/drinking!  Many Brazilian women are said to eat a lot of acai berries and drink a great deal of beetroot juice to help give them that gorgeous, youthful appearance in their skin.  Acai berries are said to help with anti-aging properties because they’re loaded with antioxidants.  Beetroot juice is also loaded with powerful antioxidants, as well as said to help create healthy skin cells and increase a person’s blood circulation.  We’re not sure about you – but we’re adding these to the grocery list!

Woman lying on the beach

We’ve heard about exfoliation and how important it is to our skin’s health, well the women of Brazil take it seriously and get down to the basics by using sand from the beach.  They’re known to use sand as a great, natural exfoliator.  Exfoliating, is known for having tremendous benefits  from  removing dead skin cells to increasing blood circulation to even reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Basically, exfoliating is essential to your skin care and Brazilian women take it serious in their beauty routines.

Woman exercising

The typical idolized Brazilian shape is toned and curvy.  It’s said that Brazilian women take fitness serious to keeping their shape the way they desire.  Additionally, there’s a popular shaping massage that’s practiced in the culture.  This particular massage is designed to flush the toxins out of the body, stimulate blood circulation, and even help with retaining water.  All of these factors are really crucial to a person’s overall health and beauty – so it’s really no wonder they’re all about the shaping massages!

While there are plenty of other beauty secrets the beautiful Brazilian women have- these were some of our favorite and probably most surprising!  While we typically think of beauty secrets being some sort of special skin care product or treatment, Brazilian women really focus on what they put in their bodies and how they take care of their bodies.  Obviously, it’s working!

Which of these beauty secrets will you be trying first?

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