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Break In Your Heels Before The Party

Heading out to a party is always fun, and it’s always exciting to get a new pair of beautiful heels for the occasion. If you’re like many women, you don’t wear heels on a super consistent basis. But when you have a special occasion like a party, you like breaking out your beautiful heels to feel a little extra special. However, it can be a catch 22 when you don’t wear heels often and try to wear them all night long for a party. Ever end up feeling like you can barely feel your feet from the pain? It’s important to break in your heels before the party, and we’re sharing how you can do that so you don’t end up in pain at your next party.

Rough Up the Bottom of Your Shoes
You know how when you get a new pair of shoes, especially heels, they tend to be a bit slick on the bottom? Well, because we don’t want you to end up falling or into any sticky situations with that slippery bottom of the shoes, we suggest roughing up the bottoms of the shoes. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can use sandpaper to rub on the bottom of the shoes to create some traction. Another option is to put the heels on and go outside where you have some concrete that has some rough spots and twist your feet back and forth on the concrete–this will do the same thing as the sandpaper to help create that traction and keep you from slipping.

Warm Them Up
Most of the time when you get a new pair of heels they tend to be pretty stiff until you’ve had a chance to really break them in by wearing them. But since we’re telling you to break those shoes in before you wear them, you’re probably wondering how you can actually soften them up, right? Well, it’s actually a lot easier than you think! All you need is a hair dryer. Yep, we said a hair dryer. All you’re going to do is literally use the hair dryer on your shoes.  Don’t hold the hair dryer in the same place for too long, as it can cause melting on the shoe. But hold the hair dryer over the shoe and all over it for a few minutes to warm it up. Once you’ve done that, just move/bend the shoe in certain place to create that more broken in type of feel.

Loosen Them 
Similar to what we mentioned before, we want to create that movement in the shoes so they’re not so stiff–as that’s what often causes a lot of discomfort with new heels. Another great way to break in your heels before the party is to actually just wear them around your house a bit while you have socks on. Yep, the socks will help create a bit more stretch on the inside of the heels, allowing you to feel more comfortable when wearing them at the party.

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