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Celeb Inspiration to Age Gracefully

We’re willing to assume that one of your beauty goals in life is to age gracefully. We, personally, don’t know anyone who doesn’t share that same beauty goal. Aging gracefully sounds pretty great after all, doesn’t it? We’ve all witnessed some incredible women achieve that goal, too. It always seems as though celebs have the inside scoop and knowhow on aging gracefully. Who better to pull inspiration from than celebs? We’ve gathered some a few of our favorite celeb inspiration to age gracefully to give you a little aging inspiration for your aging journey.

Halle Berry
Sure, she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, but there’s no denying the fact that she’s been aging just as gracefully as she is beautiful. What’s the secret to her aging (or lack of)? It’s been said that Halle Berry makes it a priority to exercise frequently, incorporating cardio and muscle building exercises into her workouts. In addition to staying active nearly daily, it’s said that she’s a big believer in eating whole foods and minimizing the amount of preservatives and sugar she consumes on a daily basis. Instead, her diet mainly consists  of lean protein and vegetables.

Christie Brinkley
Another celeb that seems to NEVER age. Christie Brinkley makes as much of a statement when she appears in modeling jobs as much as the ladies half her age. It’s not an easy task and she’s definitely broken down boundaries for doing so. It’s said that one of her biggest lifestyle secrets to staying ageless is her very strict diet. She’s been a vegetarian in different forms since she was just a teen. Additionally, she’s big on focusing on foods that are more natural and less preservative/sugar based. She doesn’t just eat a strict diet, though! Christie also believes in moving the body with exercise in a variety of ways. Of course, we can’t leave out how focused she is on quality skin care. She does have her own skin care line, after all. She’s said to keep things rather simplistic with her skin care routine, but always ALWAYS makes it a point to apply SPF before stepping foot outside.

Diane Keaton
She’s one of the few celebs that hasn’t been known to go under the knife to maintain her beauty. It’s been said that she’s one of the few that is truly aging gracefully in that way. Diane has survived skin cancer twice, so applying a quality SPF to her skin daily has been her norm for many years. One of the things that we admire most about Diane Keaton’s perspective on aging gracefully is she often speaks about accepting herself just as she is. She’s done interviews discussing that she’s decided to embrace her natural hair color and keep things minimal in the beauty department. Since there’s so much pressure for women to be ‘perfect’ regardless of age, we have to give Keaton credit for standing out from the crowd and embracing herself. We’d definitely call that aging  gracefully!

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