Cleaning Your Styling Tools

Woman cleaning makeup brush

We always hear about cleaning our makeup tools, but it’s not often we hear about the importance of cleaning our hair styling tools.  Honestly, it’s probably not something many of us even think about cleaning.  But it’s incredibly important that we do clean our styling tools so they’re able to function in providing us with the gorgeously flawless hairstyles we’re working on achieving.  It’s especially important that you clean the tools that you use the most often.  To help get you started on cleaning your styling tools, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips.

Cleaning Your Brushes and Combs
You probably use your brushes and combs daily, so you’re definitely going to need to spend some time cleaning them.  The first thing you want to do to keep your brushes and combs clean is removing the hair from these tools.  When too much hair gets built up in these styling tools it can cause knots and for the tools not to work to their best capacity.  When you’ve removed all the hair from these items, it’s suggested to gently scrub shampoo with warm water on the base of them.  You’ll probably notice that once you remove the hair from them, there will likely be some buildup on the base of the tool. Washing the base with the shampoo and warm water combination is a great, gentle way to remove the buildup and not be too harsh on the styling tools.  Additionally, if you’re using a brush with bristles the shampoo won’t be too harsh on them.

Cleaning Your Heated Styling Products
Just like our brushes and combs get buildup from use, so do our heated styling products like flat irons and curling irons.  If you’re wondering where this buildup comes from, or even is, it’s the buildup from any hair care products you use and often from hairspray as well.  To remove the buildup from these types of product you need to first, of course, make sure that the products are not heated and had enough time to cool before you do anything.  Once they’re completely cooled experts suggest using sanitizing alcohol and a towel/paper towel.  The best way to use these products on your heated styling tools is to dampen your towel with a bit of the alcohol and rub the styling tool with it. Once you’ve used the alcohol to rub the styling tool and removed the buildup, take another cloth/towel dampened in water to wipe off any alcohol residue.  Let the tools dry and you’re done!

It’s not difficult or very time consuming to clean your styling products. Really all it takes is actually taking the time to clean the tools.  It’s likely you already have the necessary cleaning tools at your house right now.  It’s worth getting in the habit of cleaning your hair styling products fairly often, it will help your hair maintain its health and of course help you to maximize the styling tools so that you’re able to achieve the flawless look you want.

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