Combat boots and high top sneakers

Combat Boots & High Top Sneakers

Combat boots and high tops are in different categories, yet both tend to lend themselves to the same type of use in the fashion sense. Either type can be the perfect accessory to dress up a miniskirt or tutu. They’re great when paired with big, billowy shorts as well as with all types of leggings. A lot of their style statement comes from the socks you slip onto your feet before donning the boots or sneakers. This is where really colorful patterns and prints can rock the shoe.

Upcycle Your Combat Boots
Upcycling combat boots are one of the most fun and trendy effects you can achieve, and with the proper glue for leather, you won’t even have to sew a stitch. You can shop for different trims at a local cloth store, and find great ideas by the yard. Tassels, fringe, lace and more. Apply it to the top edge of your combat boots for an impressive style contribution. Buy tubes of squeeze paint–like puffy paint and draw geometric shapes with different colors. Once the paint is dry, come back in and glue glitter, sequins and more inside of them. Glue microbeads in fabulous patterns of stars, flowers and more, with tons of color just where you want it.

Upcycling High Top Sneakers
Because they’re fabric, you can attach a number of brads, rivets and embellishments to them–just make sure the backs to which they attach don’t stick out too far to become uncomfortable to your feet. Create some patterns and make them look intentionally placed. Another easy way to dress up your high tops is to make your own laces, with strips of festively colored fabric or other items that are long and can be easily threaded through the holes. Pipe cleaners that are covered with fabric can make it easy. Glue a bunch of different colored squares of fabric all over your high tops, and you can even cut out the toes, for an open-toed look. finish off the opening edge with some lace or fringe.

Where to Buy
Combat boots were at one time only available through new or used military stores. Now, everyone has them. Kmart sells some cool Joe Boxer combat boots, and they’re at Sears and Target, too. Hot Topic, Kohl’s and DSW all carry combat boots. They’re also available at most stores that sell dance apparel, and you can even find them in patent and other finishes. The Joe Boxers at Kmart are only $21.99, but you can get some really streamlined styles for well over $100, like McRae combat boots, through Chief Supply Company. The Hot Topics version come with a hot floral patterned liner. Foot Locker, Macy’s DSW and Urban Outfitters all carry great high top sneakers, as well as Target. you might not find the ones you want in the stores, but if you check these locations online, you’ll find a lot more choices. And Zappos features all the brands, provides next day shipping that’s free, with free returns, too.

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