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Contour and Plump All Of the Right Parts Of Your Face

We’re all about embracing your features the way they are, but one of the really fun things about makeup is we’re able to enhance certain features in our face.  Contouring and plumping have become major trends in the makeup and beauty worlds because they’re such great techniques for doing exactly that.  However, we realize that contouring and plumping techniques can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming.  Knowing where to apply these methods is key to really making the most out of them.  So we’re sharing our tips to contour and plump all of the right places of your face so you can benefit from these techniques.

When you’re thinking about contouring and plumping your face, the first thing to realize is that any areas you contour are going to create a shade effect to those areas, or more definition and plumping is going to highlight features.  In other words, contouring goes in plumping goes out.  So you’re going to want to consider the areas of your face you want to minimize and emphasize.  Experts suggest that it’s important you don’t overdo it with either technique.  In general, you’re going to want to highlight or plump your face if you’ve done any contouring.  It helps to bring a little bit of life back into your skin so it’s not too dull.

As we said, you need to consider the areas you want to emphasize and minimize or define.  In general, most people want to create more definition in their cheekbones.  In order to do that you’re going to want to add your contouring shade(s) just below the cheekbone to create that definition.  In addition, most want to add a bit of contour to their nose as well.  To do that applying the contouring shade to the sides of your nose will help you achieve that.  Contouring is really all about creating the definition, but to really make the most of applying contour to the right places of your face you need to be sure that you’re blending your products well to create a natural look.

On the flip side, you generally want to highlight or plump areas of your face to create that defined face and add a healthy glow, your skin.  Using products that have a bit of an illumination factor to them are great for adding that plumping effect to your skin.  Skip adding too much glitter, as it can be a bit too much to really plump your face.  To create that plumping effect, adding a touch of highlighting product to the tops of your cheekbones, bridge or your nose and cupids bow area are the best places to add highlight to get that plumping aspect into your facial features.  Similar to contouring your face, it’s about making sure that you’re blending to the product and applying it to the areas you want to plump.  Think of the places the sun naturally hits your face – those areas are great to add a bit of highlight too, since they’re naturally highlighted when we spend time in the sun.

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