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Could Your Hair Be Causing Headaches?

Headaches can come on suddenly, and with no apparent provocation, and remain for any length of time, and with any volume of intensity, from a dull, nagging ache in one particular spot, to the agonizing severity of a full-on migraine at its worst. Anytime you are persistently affected by headaches, you should seek the professional advice of your doctor, who can not only help diagnose the reason, but help you to get the most effective relief, and prevent its recurrence. Some people develop tension headaches with such regularity–and migraines too–that their response is just to ride each one out, while doing anything from overdoing the over the counter remedies to doing nothing at all but hurt. Some people seek out massage, chiropractic, holistic concoctions and acupuncture, among the various forms of self-treatment for headaches. A single event headache can easily be written off, but for any headache that returns, or more than a couple of them, not seeking the advice of a physician could prove to be a lot worse than you might imagine.

Considerations to Rule Out
If you’ve seen a doctor about your headaches and she’s ruled out that there’s any underlying issue of concern, you can then feel free to conduct your own investigative pursuit. Begin with an examination of the time span leading up to the onset of a headache, asking yourself questions like:

  • Did I just leave the scene of an automobile accident in which I was a passenger?
  • Has an anvil or any other heavy type of airborne object, in falling, struck me on the head?
  • Have I been clubbed, hammered, whacked or stomped on or about the head?
  • Is my hat tight enough to restrict proper circulation?
  • Did I consume copious amounts of alcohol last night?
  • Could I have possibly sustained a brain injury from a recent fall that I just can’t remember? (With this one, you might notice other signs pointing to having sustained a fall, like bumps, scratches and bruises.)

Once you’re fairly sure that your headaches aren’t the result of an illness or injury, you can then proceed to examine other causatives, like lifestyle and environment. There can be a lot of headache-producing external environmental elements, like smog, allergens, chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere, any strong odors and second-hand cigarette smoke.

Other Possibilities
There are other, less known reasons why people can get headaches. Probably the last place you would ever look would be to your hair, as being a headache culprit, but it could easily be what’s ailing you. Look at some of the more common ways in which your hair could be hurting your head:

  • Accessories: All those fashionable accessories can take their toll on your head, from being clamped too tightly and overly-cinching any size section of your hair. Other ways in which they can cause headaches can come from their sheer weight alone. If they’re too heavy, they’ll pull on your head. Make sure to give your hair plenty of down time.
  • Scents in Hair Products: Most hair care and styling products have signature scents that come mostly from added perfumes. Though the reason remains unclear, many of these can cause headaches to anyone who might be sensitive to them. Even the aromas from some natural, essential oils as ingredients can cause headaches.
  • Hair Chemicals: Specific chemical components in hair dyes and other solutions like perms and relaxers create fumes when fully prepared for application. Upon exposure, some people can experience weakness, dizziness and headaches if they inhale a high concentration of the product. It’s not uncommon for concentrated exposure to produce coughing, sneezing and a sense of burning in their nose, throat and even their lungs. Irritative reactions like this should subside after a few hours. If they don’t, see your doctor. Make sure your hair salon is adequately ventilated.
  • Allergic Reactions: Anything from headaches and coughing to itching can point to your having an allergic reaction to a hair product.
  • Heavy Hair: Extremely thick hair doesn’t even have to be that long to create enough weight to produce a headache. The longer your hair is, the more likely it might cause a headache, as well. It may be that a moderate haircut or layering will resolve the problem.
  • The Style: Take a look at your updos and half-updos. Is there a particular one or more that you seem to get headaches while wearing? Pay attention, as it could be the key to your headache remedy. Even placement of a ponytail can affect how it makes your head feel.

Try keeping a little notebook with you at all times, and document any hair style or service you are getting to see if you can pinpoint the cause. Any time you develop a headache, list how your hair is styled at the time, or any possible products you have recently introduced.

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    March 22, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    I found this article extremely helpful since I tend to have frequent headaches due to thick/heavy hair.
    Especially since I had cut it a certain way and it tends to grow more on the right side. I am normally torn between going to expensive hair dresser or cut my hair again. Everything costs too much nowadays.

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