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Crash Diets Are Bad For Your Skin

Want to lose weight? Want great skin? Whether you realize it or not, what we eat and how we eat can play a major role in our skin’s health and appearance. Yes, your dieting habits could negatively impact your skin’s health and appearance. So many of us are focused on having great skin, but we’re also focused on losing weight the majority of the time. The truth is, crash diets are bad for your skin. Since crash diets tend to be more and more common these days, we thought we would have a little discussion on how this could be negatively impacting your skin.

The thing about crash diets is they typically involve eliminating certain foods from your diet altogether. Often times, when we’re in that crash diet phase or zone we’re focused on eliminating foods that our bodies do need (even if it’s just in a small portion). Here’s the deal, our skin can thrive or freak out depending on what we put into our bodies. When we eat and drink, we’re feeding our bodies – and that means we’re also feeding our skin. In order to function properly, our skin requires certain nutrients and vitamins to really function properly in a way so that we have healthy and happy skin.

So how is this all bad for your skin? As we said, crash dieting typically consists of eliminating certain foods from your diet altogether. When we eliminate certain foods from our diet in such a strict way, it can cause our bodies, and skin to be deficient in some of the necessary nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly. When our skin isn’t getting the necessary nutrients it needs to really function properly, it begins to suffer in appearance and health.

This is why many who go through crash dieting phases will likely notice that the appearance of their skin will change. Often times, people will notice that their skin will lose its natural glow and become dry. It all stems back to the fact that the skin is lacking the necessary nutrients to help it function better. We’re all about eating healthy, but it’s the crash dieting – the more severe mentality that goes along with it with eliminate entire groupings of foods that cause these types of problems to arise.

We’re assuming that if you do go through crash diets, or you’ve been considering one it’s because you want to become healthier, and more confident in your body. We’re all about that, but we want to encourage you to do a bit more research before jumping on the crash diet bandwagon. While it may seem like it’s the thing to do – there can be repercussions to this method of dieting. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to help your diet and help you reach your goals that will keep you healthy, happy and keep your skin looking the same.

Have you ever done a crash diet? What was your experience?

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