Creating a Rainbow Wardrobe

rainbow wardrobe

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your wardrobe.  Sometimes it seems like just sticking to black or other neutral colors is easier.  However, it can leave us feeling less than excited about our wardrobe.  Since we’re all about rainbows this week, we couldn’t leave out adding some rainbow elements into your wardrobe!  So we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips to incorporating more color into your wardrobe this season.

Choose Colors You Love
If you’re thinking about adding more color to your wardrobe you first want to start by adding pieces that are in colors you love and enjoy wearing.  This is especially crucial if you’re not used to wearing a lot of color.  There are colors you wear that you always feel good in, or get compliments on when you do.  Opt for incorporating more of those tones into your wardrobe, since you already feel comfortable in them.  If you’re not sure which colors you like or feel best it, go to a store and just start trying on different colors.  You’ll quickly figure out which colors you look and feel best in.  Pay attention to your skin against the color(s).  If you find your skin becomes duller in appearance, then try some other options.  You’ll likely feel best in colors that brighten and warm up your skin tone when you wear it.

Pick a Focal Point
When wearing color, it’s often suggested to pick a focal point.  This is also a way to enhance your personal shape.  So the area you want to emphasize you would wear the bolder, brighter color in that area.  For example, if you’re bigger on top than the bottom to visual balance your shape you would wear color on the bottom half of your body and keep the top half more neutral.  And vice versa.  Consider your body type when selecting what items you have color in.  On another note, if you’re more of a dress girl focus on the silhouette of the dress and finding a color that you love.  Keep in mind, wearing color will not automatically make you appear bigger!  Just as wearing black doesn’t necessarily equal slimming.

Woman wearing colorful accessories

Accessories in colors are great ways to add some rainbow elements into your wardrobe.  Not only are accessories a more budget-friendly way to update your wardrobe, but they’re also less of a commitment, aka less intimidating to wear a bold color handbag than a bold color pair of pants.  Even incorporating accessories in colors with necklaces, bracelets, and even shoes is a really great, easy way to add some fun rainbow effects into your wardrobe without feeling like you’re screaming bright colors.

There are so many fun ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe to make it more rainbow-like!  It’s a great way to get out of a style rut and feel completely refreshed even with just a few pieces.  Adding a pop of color can completely transform your wardrobe and outfit.

How will you be creating a rainbow wardrobe?

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