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Creative Eyeshadow Looks to Try

Eye makeup is an area in which you can really get creative, not only replicating avant-garde looks, but also putting your own spin on them. From wild cat eyes to delicate gold leaf, here are some eye makeup looks to really inspire you.

Gold Leaf Lids

gold leaf lids

Gold leaf is an inexpensive way to add some glamor and luxury to your look, and can easily be purchased online, or from your local craft store.

Begin by using a creamy metallic eyeshadow in a color of your choice, applying this all over your eyelids, as well as anywhere else you want the gold leaf to go, before smudging it in with your finger.

Next, tear your gold foil into small shreds and begin applying this to your lids, as well as around your eyes. If you find that it is too cumbersome to use your fingers, try placing each shred with a pair of tweezers instead.

Apply a few layers of mascara to finish the look.

When applying multiple layers of mascara, there are a few things you need to remember…

Don’t wait too long in between each layer, otherwise your lashes will end up dry, and will not be as easily moldable.

Don’t forget…

This is an easy look to make your own. Whether you only want a few tiny shreds of gold foil around the outer corners of your eyes, or sprinkle it liberally right across your cheekbones, inject some of your own personality into this look.

Gold is also right on trend for this season, and is perfect for the festive months.

A Warm Yellow

warm yellow

This look features a warm shade of yellow, which can really help to bring out the yellow tint in those who have hazel eyes.

Love this look?

Then follow these steps:

  • Prime your eyes, and then apply a light yellow eyeshadow to the outer corners of your lids
  • Use a highlighter just underneath your brow bone, as this will help it to really pop
  • Apply a soft yellow shade to your lids, and then use a soft orange/bronze on your crease.
  • Using a thin brush, apply some of the yellow underneath your eyes too, blending this in so that it does not look too harsh.
  • Finish the look by using a liquid eyeliner to line your eyes, extending the outer edges upwards and outwards, and then giving your lashes a coating or two of mascara

Shimmering Gems  

gemstones on eyes

Incorporating gems into your makeup results in a look that is playful and innocent, yet futuristic and fashionable at the same time. This is a stand-out way to really glitz up your look, giving your outfit that extra special edge.

Ready to have a go?

Just follow these steps:

  • Cleanse and moisturize your skin, before applying any foundation or concealer to even out your skin tone
  • Place a dot of adhesive on your face, in the exact spot where you would like to add a gem
  • Leave the glue to settle for around 20 seconds, as this enables it to get really sticky, before using a pair of tweezers to place the flat, back part of a rhinestone over it
  • Press this into place lightly and hold it there for a few seconds

This is a look that you can get so creative with, as you can place the gems in any shape or pattern that you desire, from extended cat eyes to swirls and flowers.

Wondering where to purchase these rhinestones from?

Standard rhinestones will work, but you can also purchase eye gems online.

When it comes to removing them, this all depends on the glue that you have used. Some types of glue will require a special remover, such as the type that is used to remove eyelash glue, while others can simply be peeled off.

Feathered Lashes

feathered lashes

Feathered lashes have become extremely popular lately, and have been seen on celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Zooey Deschanel.

These lashes can actually be purchased as false eyelashes, meaning that you would apply them in the same way that you would apply regular false lashes.

Alternatively, you could also create this look yourself…

Head to a craft store to purchase some small feathers, holding them up against your eyes to get an idea of what they will look like.

Once you get home, spray these feathers with a bit of hairspray, and then cut away any small, downy feathers.

Wrap these feathers around a pencil, or any other object of a similar size, holding them in place until they have a natural curl in them, similar to what fake eyelashes would have.

Run some eyelash glue along the quill edges of each feather, glueing these to your eyelids. After applying each one to your eyelid, close your eyes and hold it down firmly for  few minutes, to allow it to settle securely in place.

Double Winged with a Pop of Pink

double winged with pink

The double winged look is quite a trendy one, and while it really does stand out, it does not actually take much time at all to create.

You can also adapt this look to any color that you want, or even combine a couple of different colors if you really want to get creative.

To create this look, simply follow these steps:

  • Prime your eyes and then apply a nude eyeshadow to your lids
  • Lightly dust a beige eyeshadow along your crease, to give it a small amount of definition
  • With a pink eyeliner pencil, draw a thick, winged line across your upper lash line
  • Follow this line with a black eyeliner pencil, but draw this one close to your lash line, keeping it much thinner
  • Give your lashes a curl and a swipe of mascara to complete the look

Wild Cat Eyes

wild cat eyes

While cat eyes are dramatic, just about everybody knows how to do them, and they can sometimes feel lacking when it comes to a special occasion. If you love cat eyes but want to take these to the next level, these wild cat eyes are the perfect way to do so.

It does take a bit of practice to perfect this look, as well as a steady hand, but the result will no doubt be worth the effort.

Ready to get started?

Here is what you need to do:

  • Prime your eyes, and then sweep on a bright orange eyeshadow, just above your crease
  • Round that shape out to the corner of your lash line, so that it creates a “C”, as this will help to really open up your eye area
  • Use a matte brown eyeshadow above your crease, blending away any harsh lines to create a smoky effect
  • Use a light shimmery orange shade on the center of your lids, to highlight them and give them more dimension
  • Sweep a dark matte shadow along your crease to further defne it
  • Using a black eyeliner, fill in your waterline and then set this with a black eyeshadow
  • Use a white pencil to place random shapes around the corners of your lids, and then press a shimmery champagne-colored shadow over each of these white marks
  • Using a liquid eyeliner, draw a cat eye shape over your top lash line
  • Use this same eyeliner to create C-shapes around the white and champagne marks you created earlier, adding a few dots between them to enhance their “wild” feel
  • Add in some false eyelashes, and you’re ready to go!

Pretty in Pink

pink eyeshadow

While this look is quite a bold one, the fact that it uses shades of pink softens it down a little, and adds even more of a feminine quality to it.

This is an easy look to create, and perfect for when you need something simple, but with a touch of color.

Begin by priming your eyes, and making sure that your brows are well-groomed, as you want the finished look to be clean and polished. Run a thin brush with some concealer on it, just below your brows, as this will help to define them even more.

Now for the eyeshadow…

Begin with a shimmery light pink shade, using your finger or a brush to rub this all over your lids. Use a bolder shade of pink along your crease, and then use a blending brush to blend away any harsh lines. Repeat this process with a second layer, and add in a line of this shadow underneath your eyes too. Connect the outer edge of this with the eyeshadow on your eyelids.

Run a highlighting pencil around the inner corners of your eyes, as well as a part of the way along your lower lash line. Blend this in with a blush.

Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a line along your top lash line. It is completely up to you whether you keep this thin and delicate, or go for something bolder and more graphic, extending it into a cat-eye.

To finish the look, add in a couple of layers of mascara, or some false eyelashes for extra drama.

Never used false lashes before?

Don’t be afraid, there are so many step-by-step tutorials, as well as videos, that will show you exactly what to do. When done right, this is a great way to really enhance your eyes. 

Keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple, going for soft pinks on your lips to enhance the pinks on your eyes.

Fabulous Fish Scales

fish scales

This might be a relatively over-the-top look, but it is perfect for special occasions, especially if you are putting a whole costume together.

To begin with, use a foundation and concealer to even out your skin tone.

Then, prime your eyes.

Wondering why this is such an important step that always seems to be mentioned?

This helps to ensure that your eye makeup lasts for as long as possible, while evening out your skin tone so that your makeup has a smooth and flawless finish.

Line your eyes with a black eyeliner, smudging this with a brush so that it extends over a part of your lids.

Brush a smoky purple cream eyeshadow over your lids and underneath your brows, following this up with a purple-pink powder around the outer edges.

Now for the truly creative part…

Find yourself a netted bag or sack, and place this over your face, in the area in which you want to create your fish scales. Then, using a fluffy brush, tap a layer of gold eye paint over and through the netting, topping this with some bronze, and white, eyeshadow.

That part does take a bit of practise to master, as you will want to ensure that you are placing the right colors in certain areas, to ensure that they really complement each other.

To finish the look, use a black gel liner to go over your top lash line, flicking this out at the edges, before swiping on some mascara.

TOP TIP: Make sure that your brows are beautifully groomed before creating this look, as you do not want any unruly hairs ruining the scale-like effect that you have painstakingly put together.

Defined Crease with Blue Smokey Eye

defined crease with blue smokey eye

The defined crease is great for really amping up the drama in your eye makeup, and this look combines the defined crease with a blue smoky eye, which really complements the eyeliner.

Want to give this look a try?

Here is what you need to do:

  • Using a dark blue eyeliner pencil, draw along your upper lashline, as well as your crease line, connecting the outer corners of each together.
  • Use the same pencil to define the outer corners of your lower lashline too.
  • Using a flat brush, smooth out the lines so that they are even, and more subtle, and then apply an eyeshadow to the outer edges of your eyes, as well as below your brow bone.
  • Blend the eyeshadow onto your lids, and then dab a hint of purple on the your lower lids to give them an extra pop.
  • Finish with a couple of layers of mascara.

What are the kinds of eyeshadow looks you like experimenting with? Let us know!


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