Cute Outfits That Leave Space for Thanksgiving Dinner

Woman wearing a cute outfit

Who’s happy that overalls have made a huge comeback? Raise those hands– but first put that turkey leg back down onto the table! These mostly denim, roomy, pocket-full onesies are back, and they are making it onto the scene with all kinds of wonderful accessories to dress them up and take them out. While it’s doubtful that these farm-inspired work duds will ever become the go-to for the finer citified style of living, they do fill a specific niche like nothing else can do. Are you contemplating Thanksgiving dinner and how you can make your entrance in an envy-producing effort? The good news is that, while those overalls are always a Thanksgiving option, they are not your only choice, and probably rank on the lower end of the full range of cuteness you can bring to this annual food production–and enjoy eating freely.

Where You Gotta Eat More
Thanksgiving almost requires the proverbial second helping, especially when the food has been lovingly prepared by certain relatives who regard the single-serving set to be showing flagrant disrespect and an outright dislike of their laboriously-wrought green bean casserole or can of cranberry relish. It’s just one meal where you almost can’t afford not to overeat, all the while, knowing that you’ll be sorry that you did, probably immediately upon shoveling that last remaining morsel of surprise from Aunt Ida’s Chocolate Surprise Cake into your pie hole.

There’s “Expansive” Hope for Fashionably Doing Thanksgiving
Overalls aside, you also won’t need to sit near the “family dog as a means of deflecting the meal mass,” as there are some fabulous ways to manage looking enviable in clothing that almost seems to have been designed with anticipatory Thanksgiving consumption in mind.

Leggings-Power, for Fashionable Thanksgiving Pairing With…
Leggings open up a whole vast range of possibilities for rocking the gathering this year, with so many adorable baby-doll dresses, tops and blendable components that all are immensely accommodating, when it comes to girth-expanding activities, such as eating. If you tend to border on the cold-natured side, pair those leggings with a soft, fuzzy oversized sweater or sweater dress, and you’ll be so comfy that you’ll have to keep checking yourself to make sure you didn’t come wearing your favorite PJs. Slip your feet into some trendy little flirty flats or those all-occasion Uggs, add some statement jewelry, and you’re set.

Dress for Flair
Flared out flair is big right now, and this is a great trend you can take advantage of for enjoying second helpings. Skater dresses are designed to be more fitting at the top, with plenty of room for expansion, provided via their sleek progression to a flared-out, skirted end. These wonderful dresses make anyone look good, and can be paired with some colorful tights and cute flats, or some embellished-fun anklet socks with heels for extra savory-second helpings style.

Plenty of Room to Swing Back for a Second Helping of Stuffing–Trapeze Style
The most forgiving style of all–the Trapeze dress–is abundantly roomy and uber-stylish at the same time. This dress design has never totally gone out of style, but it has managed to pop up in key places along the chronology of trending fashion over the years, and it’s a true go-to now, on runways, red carpets and it will give you that grand entrance you hope to make at your sister in law’s home this year. Always chic and conveying a certain Euro-appeal, trapeze style dresses can rock a look with plenty of plaids, prints, solids and a variety of materials from wool blends to poly blends. The lines of this dress are best finished off with some signature flats and of all styles, the trapeze begs for oversized jewelry statements–from large, dangling ear pieces to big-beaded neckwear. A perfect occasion to sport the ostentatiously huge ring that’s hiding somewhere in your jewelry drawer.

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