Lionesse Recommends Darker Hair for Winter

With winter time coming fast, now is the time to prepare your wardrobe, style, and hair to be winter ready. When it comes to hair styles, many different styles suit the winter season. When it comes to winter, however, darker hair is something any woman with any hair color should opt for to be in perfect sync with the season. Lionesse would like to help you understand the reason for going darker, and the colors in which you could opt for.

Woman with flowing dark reddish hair

Why go Darker?

For those who love their platinum blonde hair, it can be a question many stylists hear very often. “What is the reason for going darker?” they want to know, and just how dark is good enough for them?

Generally speaking, you don’t have to go darker, but it’s a good idea to add some lowlights at least for very light hair. Lowlights are basically the opposite of highlights, and provide depth and shine to lighter hair. Highlights are typically reserved for the warmer months, when the sun is shining and things are warm. Lowlights give a fantastic spin on lighter hair without going over the top dark and creating a drastic new look that one might not be comfortable with.

If you want to go darker, finding a shade that suits your skin tone is best done with the help of a professional hair stylist. They are capable of providing you with unbiased opinion based upon what you already have, and what you are going for. A master stylist can give you better advice and guide you on what option is really right for you moreso than could a fresh graduate, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Cropped shot of a beautiful young woman wearing a denim shirt

What are the Hair Colors of Winter?

Some of the colors you choose to opt for, depending on your skin tone, are as follows:

  • Rich brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Auburn
  • Deep Red
  • Dark blonde
  • Black
  • Chocolate Brown

For those who simply can’t live without highlights, opting for lowlights for a change tends to look more natural and can provide more depth than highlights. Winter hair is all about depth and warmth, and will ensure you look seasonal and fabulous.


Change is Good

 It can be scary to change your hairstyle or hair color when you don’t really know what the outcome will be. That’s why Lionesse recommends services from a qualified professional who can help you get the best style possible to suit your needs and wants. We all deserve to look and feel beautiful. Quality comes with experience, and that’s why a consultation with a Master Stylist is the best thing you can do to ensure you will be thoroughly happy with the end result. You will most likely love your new look – and nothing in hair lasts forever. You can always change it if you aren’t satisfied! Give something different a try, and enjoy the benefits of a fresh new look.