Deniz Gamze Erguven

Deniz Gamze Erguven

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Deniz Gamze Erguven is championing women’s empowerment.  You may know her best from her movie Mustang – a movie with the theme of women’s empowerment throughout.  Deniz has made waves in the industry, setting a new example for women.  Deniz is Turkish born, but raised in France.  With the recent release of her movie, Mustang she’s burst onto the scene in a huge way.  In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, she shared that many of the details in the movie stem from her own childhood and experiences in Turkey.

Deniz has broken down some barriers in a huge way, creating a film like Mustang.  The film offers a unique insight into the Turkish culture and the way women, and girls are looked at in regards to sexuality and showing a side of Turkey that we really haven’t experienced before.  It’s extremely brave of her to show her experiences and thoughts with the world through her film, it’s something not everyone is willing to do.  But Deniz doesn’t seem to be afraid to do things outside the norm.  Even creating the movie, Mustang, is a story that many people might not even think to create into a movie.  But because she felt the pull to share her story and the way women are looked at among the Turkish community, and really all over the world.  The movie really outlines the way that women are still treated in today’s world.

Deniz really came onto the scene in a splash because of her movie, and has been quoted saying how shocked she was at the positive responses of the movie.  It’s safe to say that when creating a movie that shows a country’s culture in a more intimate way it could go either way – either people will love it or not.  But the fact that there haven’t been many movies that have really shown the world a more intimate look at Turkey in general, it’s not too surprising to see that it’s been a wildly accepted film.  Additionally, the film has earned incredible praise and awards and it’s been out only a few years.

Not only has Deniz made a splash in the film industry but she’s really showing what women’s empowerment is all about.  Through the underlying tone in messaging of her film and the fact that she wasn’t afraid to stand in her truth, share her thoughts and stories, and not take no for an answer – even when it may have seemed like the only answer.  It’s incredible to see that a woman like Deniz is gaining such success, giving other women and girls an extremely powerful role model to follow.  Women’s empowerment continues to rise, and it’s because of powerful women like Deniz that aren’t afraid to make some of the first moves towards showing the world what women are really capable of.  She’s a uniquely gifted, strong woman that seems to just be getting started.

What do you think of Deniz’s career so far?  We can’t wait to see what she’s got in store next!

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