Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – What Women Want to Wear This Christmas

Women do love their diamonds, and love receiving them. For the sake of straight diamond talk, the information you read here will not pertain to the diamonds that come with a big question, a bent knee or any such inference of forever. Diamonds, here, are being discussed for their gift value alone, and nothing more. If you are getting ready to pop the big question, you need to be asking questions–of her family, her friends and anyone else who can help you buy the very best engagement ring you can afford. Do the suggested calculation of spending the equivalent of around three month’s salary to secure your ownership of the ring finger on her left hand. Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of cash just lying around. Please–if you cannot afford to spend that kind of money, then by all means, get a diamond you can afford. Do NOT–NOT, under any circumstances buy one of these tempting engagement/wedding ring sets sold at Target and WalMart. Just DON’T. It would be better for you to make her an engagement ring from ornately braided twist-ties than to present her with a $12.50 special.

Diamonds, Diamonds Everywhere
Now, there are many sizes of diamonds and forms of jewelry designed with diamonds as accent pieces, with a whole lot of really decent prices, and the best news is that, for most purposes, diamonds that become studded earrings, inset in necklaces, bracelets and design components of rings are a whole lot more affordable than the diamonds set to become engagement rings.

A Non-Engagement Diamond Never Requires an Explanation
Once you have made your purchase, had it wrapped (or wrapped it yourself,) and then presented it to her–and she opens it, sharing her delight, etc…do NOT insinuate in any way what you may have paid for it. The reason being that when her close (but very envious) friends ask her about it, if she has no idea what you paid, then she will not have to divulge the price to them. On the other hand, however, if you have any doubts about her misunderstanding the non-engagement diamond gift, plan your sentence or two and say it right before and when she opens it. If you think you will be unable to do this, then ditch the diamond type jewelry gift and get her a magazine subscription or bathrobe.

Woman wearing a diamond pendant.

The Lovely Diamond Non-Engagement Christmas Necklace
There are some amazing diamonds out there at exceptional prices–here are a few:

  • The Badgley Mischka Fine Jewelry Small Cushion-Cut Peridot & Diamond Pendant ($184.17): The mineral Peridot conveys a greenish presence, and as the grand centerpiece of this amulet, the sparkly menagerie of tightly set diamonds surrounding this peridot pendant makes it a sure thing as a Christmas gift for showing your love.
  • Badgley Mischka Fine Jewelry White Diamonds Oval Turquoise Doublet Pendant Necklace ($405):  There’s something very “old world” and totally romantic about this piece. Again, from Badgley Mischka Fine Jewelry, this oval turquoise surrounded by white diamonds will even make her mother smile.

Woman wearing diamond earrings

The Diamond Earrings Gift
While most women have pierced ears, do NOT make the mistake of assuming here. First, make sure that her (and not your previous girlfriend’s) ears are pierced. Then, proceed to check out these incredible deals!

  • Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamond Earrings in 10K gold: ($239.99) She will adore these radiantly dazzling Swiss Blue Topaz earrings and how the artistic placement of diamonds completes the perfect arrangement on the white gold base.
  • 1/5 CT. T.W. Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold: ($139!!!) Score big with these precious 14K white gold prong-held sparkling diamond solitaire earrings. A certain measure of how much “someone” cares, and also of her sophisticated refinement. A winner, all around!

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