DIY Bantu Knots

Bantu knots

Bantu knots have grown in popularity with hair trends, thanks to celebs like Rihanna!  It’s a super fun and funky way to tie your hair, resulting in knots that have a bit of a corkscrew look to them.  While top knots have been popular for a few years, bantu knots are a little bit of a different take on the top knots and are usually worn with multiple bantu knots all over the head (kind of a 90’s vibe!).  While we all love when we see hairstyles like these on our favorite celebs or beauty bloggers, it’s typically not quite as easy for us to pull off or execute the look.   We found a few helpful tips to help you DIY the bantu knots yourself!

Start Right
Just like with any hairstyle really, it’s really important to start with your hair in the proper state.  Every expert in our research said that you NEED to start this hairstyle with DRY hair – really important tip!  In addition, your hair needs to be moisturized and smooth, so making sure that it doesn’t have any knots or tangles is going to help make sure you’re starting with a solid foundation.  Starting off with a solid foundation with your hair is going to be a huge factor to you accomplishing the hairstyle in the best way possible – and ensuring that your hair maintains its health.  Finally, you’re going to want to apply some sort of holding product to your hair prior to actually starting.  This will help the hair stay in place much better.

Choose Sections
Traditionally, bantu knots are worn as small knots strategically throughout your whole head, ranging in different sizes depending on preference.  Before getting started on your bantu hairstyle, consider how many bantu knots you want, what kind of sections you want to create, etc.  This will help make sure you’re being a little more strategic as you get started on the hairstyle.  There are some great pictures for inspiration online on sites like Pinterest if you’re not quite sure where to start, ranging from triangle sections to squares and large sections you’ll see it all.  It’s really up to you to figure out what you want to achieve.

The Twisting
Everyone points out that it’s really important not to over twist your hair when creating this hairstyle, over twisting can cause damage to your hair so be careful of that.  For best results, it’s suggested to twist the section of hair 2-3 times and then start wrapping the hair around itself creating the corkscrew look.  This will help you to achieve a twisted look that doesn’t damage your hair, basically, you want to find a happy medium between twisting too tightly and not enough.  Typically as you begin to wrap the hair around itself it will naturally work out well to create the look.  Once you’ve wrapped it around to the end of your hair (which should be twisted towards the scalp), you can hold the end in place with bobby pins or small elastic bands – pretty easy!

Will you be trying to create the bantu knot hairstyle?

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