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Dry Shampoo: The Good and the Bad

If you have ever tried getting a new hair color or a new blowout, probably what makes you anxious is the need to wash them the day after. Sometimes, you hope that you never need to wash your hair anymore. Well, some girls do this by getting a body shower without wetting their hair. Guess what? A better alternative is here—dry shampoo! 

Dry shampoo comes in powder, paste, or spray forms which you can apply on your hair in the morning to cleanse your hair without wetting it with water. It absorbs oil from the roots of your hair, freshens it up, and leaves it smelling more fragrant. It allows you to quickly clean up any excess oil with just a few quick sprays of the dry shampoo.

The Benefits of Using Dry Shampoo

  • It saves some morning prep time.

Feeling a bit lazy this morning? Probably a full morning bath takes up most of your morning rituals to get all dressed up. Worry no more because dry shampoo is here to save the day. A lot of girls tend to use dry shampoo because it is quick and easy to apply.

You don’t need to blow dry before you can fix your hairdo. You can just easily apply the dry shampoo and work on your hairdo for the day.

  • It preserves blowout and hair color.

With dry shampoo, you can now pull off your new hairdo for a couple of days before having to wash it using wet shampoo. Your hair color, mainly, will not turn into pale immediately due to frequent wet shampooing. 

In one study, around 700 consumers were asked to try a dry shampoo. Around 65 percent of them said that their hair remained well-kept and maintained even after two to three days from the treatment, with continuous use of the dry shampoo.

  • It adds volume to your hair.

If you apply dry shampoo on your hair then follow it with a quick blow-dry, your hair strands could swell a little bit. It would lead to a bouncy and voluminous look.

  • It makes your hairdo look more appealing.

Different brands of dry shampoo also carry different fragrances. So as it cleanses and keeps your hair healthy, dry shampoo also removes unpleasant odors from your hair and scalp, thereby making it fresher than ever.

  • It utilizes the natural oils of your hair.

The problem with curls or long hair is that the natural oils of your scalp may not always reach the ends of your hair. Dry shampoo absorbs oil buildup on the scalp, allowing the natural oils of your hair to moisturize the rest of your hair for extended periods.

  • It removes grease from your hair.

A dry shampoo contains powders that absorb or dilute excess sebum on the hair. It is the reason why the dry shampoo can clean your hair, even without an actual wet wash. It also contains cotton and aloe vera extract which removes the grease on your hair and gives it a fresh fragrance.

  • It minimizes hair damage.

Frequent wet shampooing can lead to hair damage. It may cause your hair to be dry and frizzy. It also extracts the natural oils of your hair, thereby making it less moisturized. But if you lessen the use of wet shampoo, you will also be less exposed to its damaging effects. 

  • It eliminates the need to blow-dry the hair.

Whenever ladies wash their hair in the morning, a common tendency would be to blow-dry because this would make it easier to put up a hairdo. Flat or curl ironing follows the blow-dry. During these processes, your hair gets subjected to intense heat levels that could cause irreparable damages to your hair. Dry shampoo eliminates this need because just one application of it and you are good to go.

  • You can use it wherever, whenever.

If you ever feel like your hair needs a boost, you can conveniently use dry shampoo wherever and whenever. You can bring it with you so quickly. Just a quick tip: it would be better to apply dry shampoo before going to bed. This way, your hair will absorb it overnight and will look very fresh the next morning.

  • It is very travel-friendly.

Happy smiling woman packing her bags for travel

As an added result of dry shampoo being very handy, you can also use it for travels. A critical benefit of using dry shampoo is that you do not need to worry about the limits for liquid bottle contents when riding planes because now you can bring your handy dry shampoo. It makes things even more convenient when you prepare for your trips out of town. Prep time is going to be a no-hassle thing already!

The Disadvantages of Using Dry Shampoo

  • Dry shampoo residue is a recurring concern.

This disadvantage varies across brands. Some girls have experienced having dust-like residue on their hair because of the constant use of dry shampoo. Because of this, you may end up washing your hair—which defeats the purpose of a dry shampoo altogether. Worse is that sometimes, the residue might be very noticeable especially if you have dark hair. 

It would be best to research the brands first before buying them to avoid this. Find out reviews of previous users for you to get an idea as to how it works. 

  • Dirt could accumulate on the hair over time.

The commonly associated benefit of washing your hair daily is that you get rid of the dust that accumulates in your hair through the day. If you try to avoid this around two days and resort to dry shampoo instead, that might still be okay. But going about it for almost a week would not be a good idea because all the dirt are now trapped on your head.

It would be best to do the wet shampoo and dry shampoo regime alternatively during the week, just to strike the right balance between the two. While dry shampoo does have its benefits, washing your hair is still indispensable.

  • It is not for those with dry skin as it may cause dandruff.

If you are already prone to have a dry scalp, dry shampoo may not be a good option for you because there is a high chance that after days of skipping regular washing, dandruff buildup may immediately happen in your scalp.

Woman examining scalp in front of bathroom mirror

The alcohol content in some dry shampoos causes extreme drying to your fragile scalp and delicate hair strands. If you already have dandruff before, it may get worse with the use of dry shampoo.

The best way to deal with this is to keep your scalp hydrated with other hair treatments. You can also schedule the use of dry shampoo to be alternating with the use of wet shampoo to at least give your scalp the hydration it needs.

  • It may result in powder and flakes on the scalp and hair.

Probably one embarrassing disadvantage of using dry shampoo is when flakes from your scalp become visible in your hair. Nobody likes that. These flakes are often itchy, and the scratches would only lead to more problems as it attracts dirt and pollution. It can then turn your scalp into a breeding ground for bacteria.

You can save yourself from this dilemma by first making sure what kind of skin your scalp has. Is it dry or hydrated? This way, you are better able to make the necessary precautions to keep your scalp and hair moisturized even with the use of dry shampoo.

  • Some brands of dry shampoo contain harmful substances.

There are dry shampoos which consist of aluminum, an element that is harmful to your hair. Some also have talc, which has a connection to cancer. Some have butane, propane, and isobutene—ingredients that are in your LPG. Some also have cetrimonium chloride, which is identified to be toxic, irritating, allergenic, and even lethal if ingested. 

There are safer alternatives to these ingredients like rice, charcoal, or bamboo powders. It is better to check out these ingredients first before buying your dry shampoo so you can be sure about the quality. The contents should not prove to be more harmful to you, lest you regret not choosing natural shampoo.

Infographic on human hair growth

  • It may disrupt natural hair processes.

Aside from your healthy hair growth, dry shampoo can also interfere with the natural shedding process of your hair. Like any other body part, the hair naturally sheds too to give way for hair growth, and a flake-free scalp is essential for this shedding process to take place.

To address this, you may seek products which tend to remove dead skin and strengthen brittle hair. This way, you get to protect yourself from unwanted hair loss. You may have to add these moisturizing products to your beauty kit aside from the dry shampoo.

  • It can block the pores of your scalp.

Because of dry shampoo overuse, it could result in a buildup of the residue in your scalp. It clogs the pores of your scalp, and it could lead to pimples, inflammations, and even breakouts. That is a huge problem because not only are these breakouts unhealthy, but they may also carry bad odor as they are unclean.

The key here is not to overuse the dry shampoo. While it has a lot of benefits, you cannot fully use it to substitute wet shampooing. You cannot eliminate the washing of the hair. You need to strike the right balance between both regimens.

  • It may disrupt the growth of the hair.

It could cause you to freak out, but maybe you can try not to. Not only does dry shampoo block the pores, but it also clogs hair follicles, thereby disrupting normal hair growth as it weakens your hair follicles. The rate at which your hair grows may be slowed down and, in extreme cases, it could even lead to hair loss.

Same as all the other mitigants for the dry shampoo disadvantages, moderated use is crucial in harnessing the benefits of a dry shampoo and avoiding its possible harmful effects. Only when it is frequently used to an excessive extent could these harmful effects happen.

  • It can be costly because you need to combine it with healthy hair treatments.

One more item in your beauty kit means additional costs for you as you would need to maintain this on a more or less regular basis. Aside from that, you may need to combine your use of dry shampoo with other hair treatments to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. 

If you are not willing to spend, you may have to rethink your decision to purchase a dry shampoo. In any case, there are many companies and brands that offer dry shampoo at very affordable prices. 

  • It is a pollutant.

Just like hairspray, dry shampoo in aerosol cans contain hydrocarbons and compressed gases that contribute to climate change. Especially if you are conscious about the environmental effects of the beauty products you use, dry shampoo can be a big no-no for you.

The good news is that you may opt to use dry shampoo using other variants like paste. Also, there are plenty of organic dry shampoos out there from which you can choose. These products contain added nutrients and minerals that could keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

What’s Your Verdict?

Just like any other products out in the market for hair care, dry shampoo does have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But based on what it seems, it is only through excessive, uncontrolled, and misinformed use of dry shampoo that the problems come to light. 

Therefore, it is essential that you use it in moderation only and always check the labels. As such, it would be good to give it a try first then see how it works for you. Dry shampoo might just be that hair solution you have always been looking for.

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