Easy Steps To Fuller Lashes

Let’s be honest, ladies…we all want fuller lashes.  Sometimes it may seem like you can apply layers and layers of mascara and still struggle to achieve full lashes that you love.  If this sounds like you, don’t worry because we’ve all been there.  You’ve probably tried almost every different type of mascara you could get your hands on, but truly there are some other techniques and steps that are what help you go from barely there to fuller lashes.  We know you’re dying to know, so we’re just going to get right into the easy steps to fuller lashes that any woman can try.

Woman curling eyelashes

Curl Your Lashes
You want fuller lashes, one of the best ways to start with your process of achieving that look is by starting out by curling your lashes.  Using a high quality lash curler to get that curled lash look is ideal.  Many experts believe curling your lashes is the best, and quickest way to truly achieve fuller looking lashes.  If you want to take your lash curling up a notch, try holding your lash curler next to a blowdryer for a few seconds (not too long!) to warm up the lash curler to really get a nice curl on your lashes.  It’s kind of like turning your lash curler into a curling iron for your lashes.

Use a Lash Primer
Many women skip this step in their lash routine, but it can make a major difference.  Applying a lash primer to your lashes after you’ve curled them is another expert trick to really achieve fuller looking lashes.  A lash primer is basically able to coat your natural lashes to give the mascara something to hold on to.  In addition, primer helps to give your lashes that fuller look by separating the lashes as well.  Finally, if that’s not enough reason to use a primer it’s also a great way to condition and protect your lashes.

Woman applying mascara

Apply Your Mascara
After you curl your lashes and apply primer, you’re ready to actually apply the mascara to your lashes.  Experts suggest actually looking for a mascara wand that’s thick and dense – this way the brush is able to actually have a good amount of product on it to be applied to your lashes.  Another trick in mascara application that experts recommend is applying mascara to both the top and bottom of your lashes.  Many even really take the mascara application up a notch by applying one mascara formula to the lashes, allowing that to dry and then adding a second layer of mascara in a different formula to the lashes.  This way you’re able to get the benefits of two different types of mascara formulas, without getting a ton of clumping on your lashes.  The important thing to do when applying multiple layers of mascara is to make sure that you’re allowing the mascara to dry in between coats – this will help you avoid clumping immensely.

Do you have easy steps to fuller lashes that you’ve found work wonders?

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