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Embrace Growing Older With Style

Growing older hasn’t exactly been glamorized over the years. Let’s face it, growing older is something most of us dread and have kind of be taught to dread. But what if we could learn how to embrace growing older with style? Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, there are some power players in the beauty and fashion industries that have realized the negative outlook women have had on growing older and have been talking about getting rid of the term anti-aging, to help women begin to embrace growing older with style. Allure magazine actually announced that they’re not going to be using the term. It’s a large task, but one that we definitely stand behind. Why is it so bad to grow older anyways? Let’s chat about how you can start your own journey of embracing growing older…

Avoid the Term “Anti-Aging”
Following the path of Allure, we’ve realized that one of the most powerful ways to begin to embrace growing older with style is to simply begin to change the way you phrase the process. Truthfully, there’s nothing exciting about the term anti-aging. It sets the president that we have to be AGAINST aging. If you’ve been struggling with the idea of growing older, we suggest beginning to start rephrasing the way you even talk about the process. It really helps you to start with a mindset shift, which is what we really need to do when it comes to embracing growing older.

Dress to Embrace YOU
So many women feel limited with clothing and accessories as they get older, because society has kind of told us that as we reach certain age groups we’re not ‘allowed’ to wear certain items. But WHY are we limiting  ourselves based on this? If you’ve found that you’ve been feeling limited by clothing choices based on your age stop yourself and start to instead focus on dressing in a way that embraces YOU. Yes, you. The person you are, the body you have, your personality and your lifestyle. Focusing on dressing for yourself FIRST is an incredibly powerful way to embrace growing older because instead of dressing based on your age ‘restrictions’ you’re simply dressing for the person you are. How empowering is that?

Focus on Feeling  Good, Daily
The truth is we’re all growing older every single day, but that’s not a bad thing. Although it can often seem like a negative, when you focus less on your age and more on just simply feeling good you’re going to feel much more excited about life in general. Sure there are certain changes that can happen with our bodies but try to switch your mindset around it being age related and incorporate habits or routines into your daily life that help you to feel GOOD. Feeling good is highly underrated, if you ask us. We all want to feel good, but rarely spend the time to actually feel good.

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