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Factoring Nutrition Into Your Skin Care Plan

If you’ve found yourself on our site, we’re willing to bet you understand the importance of skin care.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body, which means it requires a lot of attention and care to maintain its health and appearance.  It’s likely that you’ve invested in quality skin care products, gotten into a routine with your skin care (hopefully), and make an effort to follow a lot of the major skin care tips that the experts preach about.  However, there’s one thing that’s probably been missing from your skin care.  We’re sharing why you need to start factoring nutrition into your skin care plan.  Yes, we said nutrition.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, you probably haven’t thought much about how your diet and nutrition can or should be playing a role.  Odds are you follow a typical American diet (or something similar), and unfortunately it’s become more of the norm to consume a lot of foods that are high in sugar, preservatives and highly processed.  To make matters worse, these types of foods wreak havoc on our skin.  From causing us to deal with premature aging, to breakouts and other irritations…our skin takes quite the toll when we eat a diet filled with these types of foods.

Experts have found in recent years that there’s a pretty major connection between what we put inside our bodies and how our skin works/functions/looks.  This is why all the experts are saying we need to start factoring nutrition into your skin care plan.  When our bodies, and skin, don’t get the proper nutrition it needs it’s not able to look and function in the way that we desire because it just doesn’t have the proper nutrients.  Because our nutrition can either help or hurt our skin.  If you’ve been struggling with getting your skin to look and be healthy, it’s time to start adding proper nutrition into your skin care plan.

Incorporating more leafy greens, lean proteins, and even natural spices have been found to work wonders for the skin.  Essentially, what we need to do when factoring nutrition into our skin care plan is finding ways to really get our skin the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to do its thing.  Our bodies are wonderful things, and when we feed them properly,  they’re often able to heal and help itself in a miraculous way – skin included!  It’s not that you can’t ever have the foods that you enjoy, but it is essential that you cut out as much of the processed, sugary, preservative filled foods as possible and start incorporating foods that are naturally high in vitamins and nutrients.

In addition to getting your skin more vitamins and nutrients, many of the veggies and things that are recommended to eat are high in antioxidants – helping to give your skin an added layer of protection from things like free radicals and other elements.  It’s really about creating a well-balanced diet, and keeping in mind that what we eat is just as important as what we use for skin care products.

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