Fashion Week Inspired Street Style

Street style and fashion bloggers have become as synonymous with fashion week as the designers showing their designs themselves.  The environment of fashion week has definitely changed drastically in recent years with bloggers really emphasizing their street style during and after fashion week.  Street style has really become a major influence on the fashion world in general.  If you scroll through social media networks odds are you’re going to see a lot of street style bloggers showing their outfits and really giving some major fashion week inspiration to those of us who aren’t actually able to attend the shows.  We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite fashion week inspired street style looks.

woman in trendy outfit

Adding Some Over The Top Elements
Let’s face it, fashion week in general is always over the top.  Among the celebs gracing the front row to the extravagant designs that designers create to walk down the runways, it’s a lot of a lot going on.  But that’s the fun part about fashion week.  As we took a look through some great street style looks that were at fashion week and really inspired by fashion week we noticed that one of the common elements was ladies were rocking pieces that were a little bit more over the top.  Since fashion week is about being a little bit more than your typical day, street wear inspired by the occasion is the same.  So pairing colors, textures and garments together that you may not normally pair to create a little bit more of an over the top look is just the ticket to really nail this inspiration for your street style.

Trends Are At The Forefront
Of course, if you’re thinking about creating your own fashion week inspired street style look, the important thing to remember is trends are at the forefront when creating a look like this.  Really though, when looking at street style looks that were inspired by fashion week, it’s only natural that they’re going to incorporate a lot of trend items – it’s FASHION week after all, where trends are established for the seasons to come.  So of course, it’s a must if you want to create a street style like this yourself.

woman with trendy shoes

Great Shoes Are A Must
Another consistent element we noticed about fashion week inspired street style looks was…the shoes, oh the shoes!  It really makes sense, you can’t have a fashion week inspired look with shoes that are just average.  You’ve got to add in some amazing shoes to really complete your look at set it apart.  We noticed ladies taking a different twist with their shoes, either adding a shoe with some funky elements or touches that you wouldn’t see in normal, everyday street wear.

All in all, if you’re looking to create a fashion week inspired street style look yourself – have fun with it!  The great thing about these street style looks is they are an excuse to really wear things in ways you may not feel like you can or want to in other occasions so rock it out!

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