Foolproof Nighttime Makeup

Stylist applying lipstick

Your daytime makeup look probably provides just enough definition to highlight some of your best, natural features. You want to make your eyes pop and your skin shine, but you don’t want to look too dramatic. Everything changes when you’re ready to head out for the night, whether for a date or some fun at the club. Here are a few tips for getting foolproof nighttime makeup:

Start with a Primer and Foundation
Beginning with a literal, good foundation (ie: your skin) is imperative when your goal is flawless make-up. Always start with a good exfoliant, followed by toner and then moisturizer. This regimen is not only great for a make-up base, but also vital in keeping your skin young looking and healthy! A good primer prepares your skin for makeup and helps the makeup appear more vibrant and stay on for longer. The right foundation will also even out the appearance of your skin, removing any blotchiness or darkness. Start with both a good primer and foundation for your nighttime look.

Stylist applying eyeliner

Add Eyeliner
Eyeliner is a staple for a nighttime look, whether you want a basic lined eye or you want something more stylish like a cat eye. A darker, more intense line will create a more dramatic look, so keep that in mind when you choose between a pencil, liquid, or gel liner. Create tiny dots along the lash line and then connect them to get a smooth, even line. Use the same technique to create the wing if you want a cat eye. Tight line your upper lid and line your lower waterline if you want a really intense look.

Define Your Brows
You need bold brows for a bold, nighttime look. Even if you have dark brows naturally, you’ll want to fill them in so that they are more defined. Use eyeliner to create a defined line on the underside of the brow. Then fill in the rest with a flat, angled brush and a powder that matches the brow. Use flick-like strokes to fill in the brow to create a more natural look.

Woman with smokey eye makeup.

Add a Smoky Shadow
Whether you want a true smoky eye or just want a bit of a sultry look, adding a smoky shadow is a must. Start with a darker color on the lid and blend to a medium shade along the crease. Fill in the brow bone with a light, neutral shade in a complementary tone. For example, if you are using browns on the lid and crease, you should choose beige or light pink for the brow bone.

Finish with Bold Lips
If you create a true smoky eye, you will want to choose neutral lips so that the look is not overwhelming. But if you are going for drama or you have chosen a more natural look for the eye, you can finish up with a bold lip. Choose a red that’s right for your skin tone, and line the lip for definition.

Play around with colors and techniques to find just the right look.

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