Glam Up Your Beauty Routine

Beauty routine

When it comes to mornings, not everyone has a massive amount of time to dawdle or casually vein out in a lot of impressive innovations, but there are a lot of ways in which you can definitely add a lot of dimension to glamorize your beauty routine that won’t add much time to your efforts to get up and out every morning. Some are so effective that you might actually discover they save you time. The old “less is more” tip can apply to makeup done the proper way. Straight and to the point, so to speak!

Begin Your Beauty Regimen With a Long Term Investment in Beauty
Never begin to apply your foundation without first applying a moisturizer with 30 SPF or higher all over. This will not only give your skin a beautiful appearance, but it will ensure that years down the road, your skin will still retain its elasticity and smoothness that it has now. The sun, whether you are indoors all day or out, can ruin your skin. Take the right precautions to always have a good canvas.

Instant Contouring Effects
Keep a handy foundation stick for some pre-foundation application, right below cheekbones and any areas you want to downplay. Use one to two shades darker than your foundation, and if it’s too dark, blend with a drop or two of moisturizer right on your face. Down either side of your nose and just above your eyebrows, and to ensure the best blending, make sure your hands are warm. No highlighter? Try applying a light or white eyeshadow in moderation. Maybe, it is just what was needed!

Woman applying concealer

Banish Those Dark Circles
Cover your dark circles with the best shade of concealer for your skin tone, but only put it where it is needed. It is not a foundation and will not look good if used as such. Apply right on those circles under your eyes, and on any blemishes or discolored spots. Contrary to public belief, do not use a lighter shade than your natural skin tone. Stick with a creamy and easy to spread concealer that matches. To make sure you don’t apply too much pressure, blend in with your ring or pinky finger only.

Metallics in Moderation
When it comes to special effects, a little goes a long way. You want to have them guessing, by light applications of any glitter and sparkle. Try blended shading with first layering a matte color, and then coming back over it with the same color in a metallic shade. The light in your house where you apply makeup is not the same as what’s outside. Take a second to recheck your sparkle before you get into the car.

One at a Time
One of the worst mistakes many women make is in glamming up every feature. Instead, pick one to play up, and downplay the others. For instance, go full tilt with the smoky eye effects, even adding those fab single faux lashes for added drama. Now, for the lips, go au naturel, or nude. This will be your way of not looking overdone. If you are going for a cherry red lip shine, keep the eye effects simple and soft.

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