Greek Goddess Costuming How-To

A Greek goddess may not be the first choice that comes to mind, but there is no costume more appealing, any sexier and more flattering than one, like Athena or Hera. And this one is super-easy to put together to make you look like a million drachmas, too!

Woman dressed like a Greek goddess

The Costume
The Greeks’ color was white, although royals were allowed to wear the occasional purple. What most people don’t realize is that only men, not women were allowed to wear togas. Chances are, however, that not a single soul at the party or event knows this or will notice.

  • You begin by making a trip to the fabric store, equipped with the measurement of space between your shoulder and the floor, doubled. Using this doubled length, have them cut you two same-length panels that together would total the measurement. This will allow your costume to cover your front and your back. Do not worry about excessive seeming width as it is all about the drapes and gathers when it comes to Ancient Greek attire.
  • To your order, add a length of thick, gold cording for a belt. Make sure to measure your waist size and then add four feet, as it will need to hang down. Then, tassels for the ends.
  • For even more flair, if you can find it, buy some gold, Greek key trim.
  • Make two large broaches by taking a piece of oval-shaped cardboard that are around 3 inches on their longer side. On top of these, you will glue craft store rhinestones and jewels. To each cardboard piece, glue or tape a large clip or safety pin.
  • If using, glue the Greek key trim along the entire bottom of the costume, a couple inches above the hem.
  • Draping down the front, pin the front panel and back panel together at the top two corners with the jeweled broaches. Trim loose threads.
  • Now, wrap the belt around your waist or just below, making sure both the back and the front sides are overlapping. Adjust as desired. Then, you’re done!

Woman with a beautiful hairstyle.

The Hair
Greek Goddess hair can be done in many ways, but it typically should involve at least one braid. The half-up style was quite popular, as was the all -up, but whatever you choose, make sure to leave it messy looking, with several cascading ringlets of loose strands. You might intersperse flowers, leaves or jewels throughout the upswept hair for effect. Make loose curls with your wand, with the ones on either side of the face winding backward, and the others going in different directions.

The Shoes
Gladiator style flats. Period.

Woman wearing a gold leaf crown

The Makeup
For foundation, go as light as you possibly can. The Greeks favored the lightest skin shades. You can come back with bronzer in key places for more dimension. Eyes should be smoky and lined on the top lid with wings. Lips should be a neutral kind of shade, a brown-purple or non-red dark. Finish off with a luminizing light iridescent powder and you’ll be set.

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