Habits of the Very Chic

For some women, style and fashion come easy. For others, it’s a constant struggle. The women who have a difficult time looking chic and stylish seem to envy those women who seem to always have their look so well put together appear to be flawless. One might wonder, ‘What’s their trick?’ Well, today, Lionesse has some tips to help you become an uber chic lady yourself – so say bye bye to drab and boring, and hello to chic fashionista!

Woman trying to choose between two dresses while getting ready for a party.

Rule #1: Plan Your Oufits Ahead of Time
Although it might sound cliché, chic girls plan their outfits the night before, and have everything laid out and ready to go. This gives you an idea how to plan the rest of your look out, such as adding in accessories, painting your nails, planning your hair style and et cetera. By planning your outfit ahead of time, you won’t rush around in the morning to get ready or find the perfect accessory; it will all be there waiting for you. This also helps you to avoid the, “Oh, my gosh, I wore two different shoes” conundrum.

Rule #2: Give Yourself Adequate Time to Get Ready
Allow yourself time to get up in the morning, stretch, have some coffee, and get dressed. You will be so much happier and less stressed if you have an adequate time slot prepared to get ready, do your hair and makeup, and leave the house feeling like you look your best.

Woman selecting underwear at a store.

Rule #3: Choose Your Best Underwear
Every chic fashionista knows that choosing good underwear to compliment your outfit will provide you with a sleek look underneath it all. Choose full coverage bras and panties, and whatever type of shape wear you might need to give you the best look for your outfit. Also, as a tip: make sure you don’t choose any colors that may show through your clothing when you get dressed.

Rule #4: Look for Celebrity Inspiration
Even the chicest of all women have to find their inspiration somewhere – and they generally look to celebrity women such as Kim Kardashian or Scarlet Johansen to figure out the latest trends. Look to the top celebrity women for style and fashion sense, and the rest will follow and come naturally.

Woman trying to choose the perfect shoes for her outfit.

Rule #5: Choose the Right Shoes
Knowing when to wear heels or flats is essential. Heels should be reserved for skirts, dresses, and pants that don’t go to the ankle to give you the appearance of a longer leg. If you are on the shorter side, chances are you can get away with wearing heels more often. To dress up a pair of jeans, you could also wear heels. Any other time, flats are the go-to shoe. Also, if you will be doing a lot of standing in one place or walking around, flats are always a good idea.

Rule #6: Say Bye Bye to Unflattering Clothes
Everybody has that one pair of jeans they are hanging on to that they just can’t fit into at the moment. Realistically, chances are, you may never fit into them again, or by the time you do, they will be out of style. Choose to get rid of items you can’t wear, no longer wear, or look unflattering on your body. It’s one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself.

Woman showing off her beautiful accessories.

Rule #7: Pick Eye Popping Accessories
Choose one main accessory as a focal point when getting dressed, such as a large belt, and other small pieces to accent your look, such as bangles, earrings or a necklace. Choose something that complements your outfit, not takes away from it.

Rule #8: Dress for the Occasion
If you are going to an office meeting, dress for an office meeting. If you are headed for a night out, dress the part. Don’t find yourself caught wearing an outfit that just isn’t appropriate for the occasion. If you are unsure as to whether or not an outfit or accessory is appropriate for the occasion, skip it and choose something else. It’s better to not take chances and make mistakes you might regret.

Woman sitting on a sofa in her underwear with clothes all around her.

Rule #9: Keep Your Clothes Neat
Whenever you take something off, hang it up. We have all had those times where we find ourselves undressing after a long, hard day and toss our clothes into a slump on the floor. By doing that, though, you are risking wrinkling that expensive shirt or skirt, or risk the item getting dirty – and may end up having to make a trip to the dry cleaners. This could have all been avoided by folding your clothes or hanging them up. Take good care of your clothes, and they will last longer.

Rule #10: Choose Lounge Wear At Home
Chic girls never wear their nice clothes around the house. You will almost always find them wearing a comfy pair of sweats or loungewear at home and save their good clothes for leaving the house. If you want to be a chic fashionista, perhaps you should follow suit and save the good stuff for out of the home.

Rule #11: Keep a Fashion Emergency Kit on Hand
By keeping a fashion emergency kit with you in your car or purse, you can avoid the embarrassing things that may happen throughout the day such as ripped clothing, lost buttons, or stains. In your kit, keep items such as essential makeup, fashion tape, safety pins, a sowing needle and thread, and a bleach pen to get rid of stains.

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