Haircuts for Active Lifestyles

A lot of people tend to envision short, short hair being the best style for the more active lifestyles, but there’s no particular one length of hair that’s best for the more active people among us. In fact, super short cuts don’t look good on everyone–there are certain face shapes that it’s more appealing with. It’s nice to know that nobody is doomed to a short style in supporting a vigorous living. There are many great hairstyles that equally complement a lifestyle mostly defined by being on the go, and much less stationary.

Different Criteria is Needed, Altogether
In determining a cut that is best suited for anyone with a burgeoning activity level, it actually has more to do with how quickly the style can be dried and made to look good. In other words, it’s got to do more with the total time span that begins with your exiting the shower after shampooing (and conditioning,) until your hair is completely styled to look good, regardless of where you’re headed. You need a cut that will quickly transform from being greasy, sweaty and dirty to a glamorous, sophisticated and chic look in a matter of minutes–and will look magnificent, whether you’re heading out for an evening of 5-star dining with business colleagues or your son’s little league softball game.

Shoulder length layered hairstyle

Elongated Layers are Great to Style
Shoulder length hair, if blunt cut, can tend to require a lot of time and trouble, with so much volume at the ends of the hair. Remove some of that bulky thickness at the bottom of the style by some long layering, and it makes the hair lightweight and easy to dry, easy to style. This look is glamorous, and can be given any degree of curls, from the ones produced by a ¾ inch curling wand barrel, to larger, more beachy waves. To exaggerate the volume, this cut can be blown dry with the head positioned upside down, and lightly sprayed with a flexible hold spray before flipping back right side up, hair and all. Women whose hair tends to be on the curlier side love how longer layering gives way to appearing to be more balanced, with softer and smoother looking curvaceous longer tresses. Longer layers can complement several other lengths, from below the shoulder to those cutting right where the neck begins, or mid-neck. For a fun style, the addition of a beachy saltwater spray adds to blow drying almost all the way while upside down. Next, try flipping hair back up to continue drying while blowing layers upward and tousling with fingers. No brush or comb needed. Finish by lightly spraying with setting spray. Another more exotic wildness can be achieved by first fortifying with a gentle hold spray, and then drying with a diffuser while scrunching with your fingers – you will love the results!

Bob hairstyle

Smooth Layers
Whether a bob cut or layered, you can achieve a blow and go do by using a larger round brush to form a smooth turn-under in a face-framing manner. With layered locks, you have complete flexibility to place your part anywhere you want it to be: in the middle, offset, diagonally or a deep side part are all fine. With blunt cuts, you must determine if you want a part, and exactly where it’s going to be. This is important to discuss with your stylist before he or she makes the first cut.

Woman with pixie hairstyle

Pixiefied and Perfect
For face shapes that do well with a pixie cut, go for one. This cut is fun, and can be formed in a surprising variety of styles. Wax can give this cut a lot of standout power, and this cut loves to flaunt hair baubles and brooches just as much as it rocks earrings. Pixie cuts can be further shaped with razoring techniques and texturizing shears. For longer front sections and bangs, these can be secured back and off the face by bobby pins or a chic, stretchy hair band during a rigorous workout, then removed and tousled or combed as you desire.

Braided updo

Love the Length?
Longer cuts are no problem with all of the glam forms of braiding that can be done in a jiffy. When hair is long enough, you can even take it and twist it in one major twist at the back nape of your neck, and twist it around, finishing by tying into a knot. Quick to do, quick to undo!

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