Healthy Hair Habits

We all have habits, in life and with our hair/beauty routines.  Some are healthy, some aren’t so healthy.  If you’re currently struggling with getting your hair on a healthy track it could be due to your hair habits.  We’re going to go through some of our favorite healthy hair habits to get you thinking about your hair’s health in a different way, AND determine whether you’re applying healthy hair habits to your life or not.

Healthy food

Eat a Healthy Diet
We know our diet impacts our skin’s health, and that goes for the skin on our head too (aka our scalp).  Making sure your diet is consisting of healthy foods, enough water, and protein is super important to affecting our hair in a positive way.

Get Regular Haircuts
Many women feel like they need to avoid getting their haircut too often, especially if you’re trying to grow out your hair.  But, you actually need to get regular haircuts to maintain your hair’s health.  Getting regular cuts will help eliminate breakage and split ends, keeping your hair fresh and revived as much as possible.

Scalp massage

Take Care of Your Scalp
Oftentimes, we don’t think about taking care of our scalp, we spend tons of times on our hair but kind of forget what it’s actually attached to!  It’s super important to get into the habit of applying scalp care techniques like scalp massage and using specific scalp care products to enhance the overall health of our scalp.  Our scalp’s health has a huge effect on our hair’s health, so make sure you’re not leaving it out!

Take it Easy on the Heat
Many women get in the habit of using heated styling products daily.  It’s important to give your hair a break and try to avoid using heated styling tools daily.  This gives you hair a chance to recuperate and not get too damaged in the process of styling with heat so often.  This means letting your hair air dry when possible and letting it just be as natural as possible as often as possible.  In addition to heated styling products, taking it easy on the heat also applies to the sun and hot showers.  It’s important not to wash your hair under super-hot water, and avoid letting your hair be too exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Woman conditioning hair

Deep Condition!
Your hair needs some deep treatment once in a while, between environmental factors and everyday hairstyling it needs a chance to get revived.  It’s recommended to use a deep conditioning product at least once a week to keep your hair healthy.

These are some of our favorite, must-know healthy hair habits we believe everyone should keep in their rotation for their hair’s health.  The great thing about these healthy hair habits is they don’t take a lot of time, in fact, they may even save you time!

Do you incorporate any of these healthy hair habits into your routine?  Or will you be incorporating any/ all of them?

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