Help Your Short Nails Pop With Color

jewel tone nails around mug

We always hear about makeup, hair and fashion trends that occur every fall season…but we don’t often talk about the nail trends that come about with the switch of a new season.  But, we all know that nail trends happen!  So naturally, we had to take some time to chat about the fall 2016 nail style and color trends that are happening this season.  If you’re more of a short nailed lady, you’re in luck because short nails are back and in full effect this season.  It really is all about short nails this season.  Of course, just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you want to be boring.  We’re going to share how to help your short nails pop with COLOR this season.

Negative Space Color
We’ve always been used to painting our nails in full color, but this season the trends are giving us a little something different with negative space.  You’re probably wondering what we’re really talking about, ok we’ll explain!  Essentially what’s meant by negative space color is nails are painted in a design, but some parts are actually left without any color on them.  It’s a really fun and unique take on really making your nails pop.  Especially since we’ve been so used to nails being painted entirely!  Many designers were showing this trend on the runways for this season and incorporated subtle touches of color and geometric designs on the nails, it was a really fun pop.

blue nails

Blues and Blues and Blues
The past few Fall seasons, it’s really been all about the very dark hues of nail colors, even as dark as black being really popular among ladies everywhere.  But this fall we saw something a little bit different with designers showing us all different shades of BLUE on nails.  Even when blue shades are applied by themselves, they really pop the nails in a super fun way.  Because there are so many different shades and finishes of blue nail polish, you’re sure to find a color that you love and can give a try yourself.  The great part is this is definitely a nail trend that you can do yourself at home, if you don’t have time (or the desire) to head into the nail salon that week.  But you’re not going to sacrifice your nails popping with this color!

Jewel Tones
There’s something about fall that always has so many of us wanting to wear and buy jewel tones in our clothes, the designers for this season must’ve caught onto the memo because there were nail looks on the runways with all different jewel tone shades on nails!  You’re probably ready for an update after all the dark black nails for a few fall seasons, this is a great way to still have your nails on the darker side so you feel appropriate for fall but also give you a little pop of color.  Really everything from gold to emerald green was seen, if it’s a jewel tone – give it a try to really give your nails a fall inspired pop!

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