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Here’s Why Men Need Moisturizers

Moisture is an essential attribute for healthy skin. If your skin’s health is off, taking a hard look at your moisturizing habits is a great place to start. Regardless of your skin type and texture, we ALL need a healthy dose of moisture in our skin care routine. One thing that we’ve really noticed in skin care is so often tips and products are focused on women’s skin care, but men need the same care for their skin as women! Guys, we’re talking to you right now if you’ve been skipping applying moisturizer to your skin you need to keep reading. Here’s why men need moisturizers:

Your Skin Craves It
We mentioned this above, but it’s such an important part of moisturizing your skin that we had to circle back to it. To put things quite simply, your skin needs moisture in order to maintain a healthy appearance. If you’re struggling to achieve healthy looking skin, lack of moisture is often one of the culprits behind it. So many guys shy away from applying moisturizer to their skin in fear that it will add more oil to their skin and cause breakouts. The thing is that even oily skin types need moisture. There’s just no way of getting around the need of moisture in the skin.

Aids in Repair
Our skin, regardless of gender, is put through a lot on a daily basis. It’s no secret  that our skin has to deal with exposure to the sun, among plenty of other elements. While these aren’t things that we can avoid, unless you stay in your home and never leave, applying moisturizer to your skin on a daily basis can help aid your skin in the repairing process. This is especially true during the evening. Applying moisturizer is important to do in the morning and the evening, but when applying to your skin before heading to bed it provides your skin with the necessary element it needs to help repair itself after all the damage and exposure it’s been faced with throughout the day. Since our skin works to repair itself naturally at night, applying a quality moisturizer helps to give that repairing process a better boost.

Skin Protection
Now you know that moisturizer helps to give your skin the necessary moisture it needs in order to maintain its health, and helps with the repairing process at night. Another reason your skin needs moisturizer is it aids in the protection of your skin. As we stressed above, our skin is put through a lot during the day and when our skin doesn’t have enough moisture applied to it, we can obtain even more damage to our skin’s surface. Applying moisturizer to your skin every morning provides a protective barrier to your skin that helps to prevent as much damage to be done to your skin’s surface. Think of it like wearing an oven mitt to protect your hand from getting burned. It’s a similar concept.

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