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Highlights from Osheaga 2017

‘Tis the season of music festivals! The past couple of years the popularity of music festivals has sky rocketed. They’re a great way to get a group of friends together and enjoy a wide range of artists perform at one location. While concerts are generally known to allow you to watch one or two of your favorite artists, music festivals have found a way to bring artists together to give you an unforgettable music experience. There are so many different music festivals, it can be difficult to keep up, but one of the more well-known Canadian festivals, Osheaga is about to take place. We thought we would share some of the highlights from Osheaga 2017 with you, in case you’re able to attend yourself.

Incredible Artists
Of course, no good music festival is complete without a killer lineup of artists. Osheaga 2017 is going to be filled with a packed lineup of artists that are sure to put on a great show. Everyone from Lorde, Major Lazer, Solange, and The Weeknd-just to name a few-are going to be performing some of their best songs for attendees throughout the three day event. Of course, those are just a few of the talented artists you can view the entire lineup on the official Osheaga website. We must say-it’s a packed weekend!

Fun Activities
While attending a music festival is primarily about the music and watching your favorite artists perform, Osheaga knows sometimes you want a break from the crowds in front of the stages and a chance to have fun in other ways. Which is why they’ve rounded up a lot of other fun activities for attendees to enjoy. They’re having what’s referred to as a “smile pit” which will allow attendees to take a step back into their youth with a ball pit for adults! In addition to that there’s going to be a skate ramp with Vans’ Canadian riders skating throughout the weekend. But it doesn’t stop there, Vans is going to be attending (because hello 90’s trends!) and they’re going to be offering customization to a blank pair of vans. Honestly, there are quite a few other activities that are said to be offered throughout the 3 day event, but we don’t want to brag TOO much.

Food and Beverages Galore
During your enjoyment of all the activities and music, you’re bound to get a little hungry and thirsty. One of the great things about Osheaga is they bring together a wide range of food and beverage vendors to give you plenty of options. This is great, especially if you’re going to be there the entire 3 day event, so you won’t feel like you’re eating the same thing throughout the experience. Plus, variety is the spice of life! They made it a point to include venders that offer gluten free and vegan options, so everyone is covered.

What do you think of the highlights of this unique music festival? Would you want to attend?

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